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Bath is known for its Roman-built baths. The city is currently a UNESCO world heritage site. The baths in this city date back to the year 43AD. You can visit them to get a feel of how the former settlers of the city used to unwind. There are many architectural wonders for you to explore in the area. One of these is the Royal Cresent, an iconic landmark that overlooks the Royal Victoria Park. The crescent was built in the late 18th century, and it is considered the most impressive piece of Georgian architecture in the UK.

The Circus is also an elegant masterpiece of Georgian architecture. This landmark has been the home of many famous people in the UK. The Hollywood actor, Nicholas Cage has spent part of his life living in The Circus. Bath minibus hire can take you to all these interesting places in the city.

Upcoming Events of 2019

Some notable upcoming events in Bath include:
• Fresher by Pippa Thornton on 30th of January
• Kaiser Chiefs on 5th February
• The Liberation Arts Festival on 9th of February
• Run the Bath Half for Patients on 17th March
• Fastlove on 5th of April
• Billy Rowan- The Undercover Hippy on 21st of April
• Rozi Plain on 6th of May
• The Bath Festival Finale Weekend on 1st of June
• Bath Vegan Festival on 20th of July
• South Gloucestershire Show on 3rd of August
• Trek the Great Wall of China for the Ruh on 5th October

Things to Do in the Bath using our company
Here are some things you can do in the Bath:
• Visit the historic Roman baths
• Relax in the natural hot springs
• Visit museums
• Unwind in traditional cocktail bars
• Enjoy Michelin-starred gourmet dishes
• Climb the tower of Bath Abbey
• Explore the life of Jane Austen
• Take mineral rich Bath waters
• Take an architectural tour
• Shop at Bath Christmas Market

Minibus Hire Service with Driver Bath
The best way to explore the city is by hiring a minibus service with a driver. Available options in the city include:
• 8-seater minibus hire service- These minibuses come in Ford Galaxy models, and they are 5 to 7 years old. These are ideal for small groups.
• 12-seater minibus hire service- You can also get a Ford Transit that seats 12 people. It is quite comfortable and can take you to specific places in the city.
• 14-seater minibus hire service- These vehicles also come in the Ford Transit model.
• 16-seater minibus hire service- Again, these ones are Ford Transit vehicles.
• 16-seater executive hire service- If you are visiting Bath for business, you can consider getting a luxury Mercedes vehicle. The driver can take you to your business events and meetings.

Book Your bath Coach Hire
Coach Hire Bath has grown in popularity over the past few years as more people have started realizing its benefits. It offers more comfort and is also an environmentally friendly way to get around the town. These vehicles are spacious, modern, and highly relaxing. Here are the available options:
• 24-seater mini coach hire great price quote 
• 33-seater coach hire 
• 49-seater coach hire- This one can come in standard or luxury.
• 72-seater coach hire in Bath

The coach and minibus hire services will also provide you with 24-hour support. For extra convenience, you will be given the numbers of the drivers before the date of travel. They usually have uniforms, so you will not have any trouble identifying them. They have all had their criminal records checked, and their CRB records have also been scrutinized. The aim of the Bath minibus hire service is to provide you with very high levels of comfort, safety, and convenience.

Best Restaurants in Bath

Bath is known for its excellent foods. Your minibus hire service can drop you off at any restaurant of your choice. Here are some of the best restaurants in the city:
• Acorn
In the recent past, locals in Bath have been won over by vegan and vegetarian meals. Because of this transformation, places like Acorn have grown more popular. This restaurant strictly serves plant-based meals. If you are not convinced that they have the best vegan foods ever, you can sample their affordable lunch menu.
• Olive Tree Restaurant
This restaurant is located in the basement of the Queensberry Hotel. Here, you can enjoy all sorts of tasty meals, and they all come with a traditional British flair.
• Chez Dominique
Everyone loves watching beautiful sceneries as they enjoy their excellently-prepared foods. This restaurant offers you a peek over the stunning city of Bath. They serve modern French foods.
• The Pump Room Restaurant
This restaurant is located in the middle of the city. It is perfect for some relaxing afternoon tea. Most visitors to the city note that The Pump Room Restaurant was part of their highlights in the city, so you shouldn’t leave without paying it a visit.
• Sotto Sotto
As mentioned earlier, Bath used to be a place where Romans would come to unwind. Sotto Sotto blends well with the theme of the city as it serves Italian foods. It is important to book in advance since the restaurant is very popular in the area.
• Yak Yetti Yak
If you are a fan of spicy Nepalese foods, you will appreciate this place. This restaurant has been around for a while now, and it has developed a dedicated clientele among the locals. The restaurant is not specifically targeted at vegetarians, but they form a big proportion of its fans.

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