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Edinburgh Minibus Hire: Comfort, Safety, and Value

Looking at booking group travel for that city of romance, Edinburgh’s beautiful capital in the Scottish heartlands? You won’t find better or more dependable than with Edinburgh Minibus Hire, where you can book with confidence through this respected part of a national quality network.Complete Versatility With a Vehicle: Never worry about choosing the right vehicle with Edinburgh Minibus Hire, your problem is solved. We have a wide fleet of clean and well-maintained minibuses and coaches that can handle groups of all sizes. From the 6-seater minibus for an intimate family of six to a boisterous party of 24 in a 24-seater with plenty of luggage space, we have got your back.

MIinibus Hire Edinburgh with driver :We assure you, keeping you comfortable and safe at all times is our number one priority. To achieve this, each and every one of our drivers is certified, experienced and have been through an extensive training and background check. Every one of our employees are locals and professional. They will also make sure to get you back after a long day in comfort. Minibus With Driver: The stress of driving will always be a burden, why not leave it to us. For an additional piece of mind book our minibus with driver and take the stress out of your trip, letting you enjoy copious amounts of Scottish hospitality.All of our drivers are qualified with many years of experience and they will provide you with excellent service. You can be guaranteed a safe, pleasant trip. Special request 'minibus with driver' gives you an even more relaxing experience.

Outstanding Service Area: Edinburgh Minibus Hire is as plentiful as the city itself. Our service area covers all of Edinburgh and reaches England and Wales and some of the parts of Scotland. Visit the Edinburgh Castle or the unhurried discoveries in wooden hamlets out beyond the city. We can also provide transport for day trips to any place of beauty outside of the city, making your Scottish adventure one to remember.

Our Fleet

We have a wide range of imported minibuses from different brands, such as Citroen, Nissan, Renault, Mercedes, etc and many others that offers you a broad selection to choose the one that fits your needs and style.Our minibuses are all well-maintained and in good shape. We have 6-Seater Minibus Hire deal for small groups and families  flextime 7 ,8,12,16 Seater Minibus Choices To transport a crowd of six to 16 individuals comfortably, there are more options available to you than couches and minibuses.24-Seater Minibus Lease: Spacious and luxurious for the largest parties. 33 to 49 seater coahc hrie also is available.

Scotland-Wide Coverage

We operate in a lot of main towns in Scotland, but most of all in Edinburgh and Glasgow. So if you are stayig near Danderhall, Loanhead, Musselburgh, Whitecraig, Bonnyring, Roslin, Ratho, just give us a call for pricing.We do our best to accept all the destinations from pickup location. If you have any special request just contact us and we will confirm.

Special Occasion Transport

Minibus Hire Edinburgh make your special occasions special with the highest quality vehicle for your travel needs:

  • Weddings: Arrive in style and let our professional drivers handle the logistics.
  • Funerals: We provide sensitive and respectful transport during difficult times.
  • Birthday Parties: Celebrate without worrying about designated drivers.
  • Nights Out: Enjoy a safe and fun group outing.
  • Tours: Explore Scotland's beauty with our customized itineraries.
  • Meetings: Ensure your colleagues arrive on time and hassle-free.
  • Airport Transfers

We make easy starts and safe endings to all our trips with airport transfer services. Airport travel is a major stress point we eliminate, giving punctual pick-ups and drop-offs and allowing ample luggage space.

Competitive Rates Minibus taxi Price

The £100 to £1110 price range you mentioned seems quite wide. It's likely that prices closer to £100 would apply to shorter journeys in smaller minibuses, while the higher end of the range might be for longer journeys or extended hire periods 

  1. Minibus Size: The primary cost factor is the size of the minibus. Smaller minibuses (e.g., 6 - 8 seaters) naturally cost less than larger ones (16+ seaters).
  2. Distance: Longer journeys incur higher prices. Minibus taxi companies often calculate fares based on mileage or have set rates for specific destinations.
  3. Time of Travel: Peak travel times (rush hour, weekends, holidays) may have higher rates compared to off-peak periods.
  4. Additional Services: Some companies may offer extras like luggage assistance, child seats, or customized routes, which can slightly impact the price.
  5. Company-Specific Rates: Minibus taxi companies have their individual pricing structures. It's always best to get quotes from a few different companies for comparison.

We have a fleet of minibuses, coaches are also available and provided at a very reasonable price.We cover minibus and coach hire  in These are the most central areas of Edinburgh, covering:

  • EH1: The Old Town or heart of the city, including the Royal Mile, Edinburgh Castle and the Scottish Parliament.
  • EH2: The New Town, known for its Georgian architecture and Princes Street.
  • EH3: Stockbridge, a charming area with independent shops and cafes.
  • EH4: Areas like Comely Bank and Dean Village.
  • EH7, EH8, EH9: Cover Bruntsfield, Morningside, Newington, and the University of Edinburgh.
  • EH10, EH11, EH12: Gorgie, Dalry, Haymarket, and Murrayfield (home to the rugby stadium).
  • EH15, EH16, EH17: Southern suburbs including Liberton, Craigmillar, and the Royal Infirmary.

Surrounding Areas

  • The ‘EH’ postcode area actually goes quite a distance beyond the city centre, encompassing the towns and villages of:
  • EH20: South Queensferry (famous for the Forth Bridges)
  • EH21 To EH26: Coastal towns including Musselburgh, Prestonpans, and North Berwick.
  • EH28, EH29, EH30: West of Edinburgh, including Kirkliston and Ratho.
  • EH47 to EH49: Linlithgow, Bathgate and surrounding West Lothian areas.
  • EH54, EH55: The Pentland Hills region and villages like West Linton and Peebles

Discover Edinburgh

The elegant and atmospheric capital of Scotland, Edinburgh, is full of history, culture and beautiful views. Make sure you pay a visit to these attractions.

  • Edinburgh Castle (EH1 2NG): Perched on a rocky crag, the 12th-century fortress gives a birds-eye view over the city and helps tell the story of Scotland.
  • Royal Mile (Postcode: EH1 2PB): One of the main tourist attractions of Edinburgh, this road stretches through the far side of the Old Town, with souvenir shops, bakeries and cafes on either side.
  • Arthur's Seat (Postcode: EH16 5HX): Hike to this extinct volcano for panoramic city views.
  • National Museum of Scotland (Postcode: EH1 1JF): Come see all things Scottish, from art to science to history.
  • Palace of Holyroodhouse Edinburgh EH8 8DX The official Scottish residence of the Queen, which you can tour if she’s out of town.

Plan your trip to Edinburgh and Scotland’s other beautiful sights, and contact Edinburgh Minibus Hire to discuss your travel plans and reserve your chosen vehicle – minibus or coach. With their experience and friendly, knowledgeable staff, you’re guaranteed to have a better trip than you would have otherwise. Let them take care of the transport while you focus on having a blast in Scotland! Safe travels! We hope you enjoyed this article, and look forward to your next visit to Edinburgh. For more things to do and see in the Scottish capital, check out the Explore Edinburgh homepage.

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