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Edinburgh is the capital city of Scotland and has served in this capacity since the 15th century. In the early 1600, Scotland became part of the United Kingdom and power transferred to London. The beginnings of this city can be traced back to the Stone Age and Bronze Age. This capital city’s industry has long been based on printing, brewing and distilling. Modern day Edinburgh has a bustling financial and technology sector. Its historic city center remains intact even in the wake of World War II. Visitors and locals love all of the cultural events, restaurants and night life the city has to offer. Navigating the old neighbourhood can be tricky, so Edinburgh minibus hire can be helpful.

Edinburgh is a bustling city that loves to play. This exciting city hosts a large number of festivals and cultural events each year. During the summer months, visitors and locals alike can partake in the Edinburgh International Film Festival. It is time to roll out the red carpet and screen some of the most exciting films of the year at this 12-day festival. Finding parking and driving through crowded streets can be harrowing during festivals, but a minibus company Edinburgh can come to the rescue. The end of summer brings the Edinburgh International Festival to the city. This festival offers a variety of theatre, music and entertainment from around the world. Guests to the festival can try new foods and buy one of a kind merchandise from many different cultures around the world.

The historic city of Edinburgh has many attractions, museums and historic sites to visit. The first place on any must see list is the Edinburgh Castle. This historic fortress can be seen from just about any place in the city from its seat on Castle Rock high above the town. A few sections of the castle date back to the 12th century, but most of the surviving structure was built during the 16th century. Animal lovers will swoon at a chance to spend the day at the Edinburgh Zoo. This 82-acre park is home to the only giant pandas and kolas in Scotland with more than 1000 other animals calling this zoo home. Visitors love finding a cheap minibus Edinburgh to ensure that they never get lost.

We are the minibus hire Edinburgh that is dedicated to providing our clients with amazing customer service and reasonable prices. It is our goal to help our clients secure the package that most fits their needs, including our 8 ,12 16 24 seater minibuses and 33 36 49 53 seater coaches. We want to make sure that they have ample seating, but do not waste money on space they do not need. Our professional team members are able to answer any questions and provide all the information that our clients need to make a decision for a minibus hire Edinburgh. We are available any time day or night to handle any situations that might arise and handle any last minute changes required by our customers.

Our customers appreciate our reliable service and professional drivers. We are very selective in our hiring process to ensure that our drivers are the best in town. Each driver has gone through an extensive background check, including a criminal background check to ensure the safety of our passengers and their belongings. A coach hire Edinburgh can make a special occasion even more special. Our drivers will arrive on time to get passengers where they need to go, including:

    • Weddings
    • Funerals
    • Birthday Parties
    • Night Out On The Town
    • Tours
    • Meetings
    • Airport Transfers

It is our goal to provide quality services to each of our clients, from out of town businessmen going to a meeting or conference to locals on their way to a special event. Our clients appreciate our attention to detail, including supplying them with clean and reliable minibuses that arrive on time with a knowledgeable driver. We strive to provide our clients with vehicles that are in peak condition and show our dedication to customer service. We want to offer each of our clients’ great value for the money with our minibus hire with driver. Call us today or fill out a quote form online to get started securing the best minibus in Edinburgh.

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