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Southampton minibus hire is a member of the National Mini Bus Hire network is pleased to be of service to you in the cruise capital of Southampton. We can provide minibus hire with driver Southampton and Southampton coach hire services for all of your Southampton cruise transfers and theatre excursions.


Serving as the cruise capital of Europe, Southampton welcomes more than four million visitors each year. This vibrant and innovative city offers a rich cultural and maritime heritage along with plenty of attractions including music venues, art galleries, museums, and the largest theatre in the south. The city’s history is tied to historical milestones like the RMS Titanic where Southampton served as home port. With its pleasant climate and strategic location, Southampton is just waiting to be discovered.


  • City Art Gallery : This gallery offers one of the best collections of British modern art outside of London.
  • The Museum of Arcaheology: The museum offers one of the most incredible archaeology collections in the country tracing the city’s roots to its origins as a Roman town.
  • Maritime Museum : Showcases a series of special exhibits on the famous ocean liners that graced the city of Southampton’s docks.
  • Nuffield Theatre: This is one of the best places to enjoy first rate productions from local artists.
  • SeaCity Museum : This interactive experience is dedicated to the story of the people of Southampton and their historic connections to the Titanic.
  • John Hansard Gallery : This gallery is a showcase of Southampton University’s photographic collection.
  • Mayflower Theatre : As the largest theatre in the south, it is home to the big name acts and large-scale productions presented in Southampton.


  • Southampton Maritime Festival : Maritime Activities, Attractions, & Displays (May)
  • Southampton Beer Festival : Showcasing over 90 real ales (June)
  • Seawork International: Annual Commercial Marine Exhibition (June)
  • Fiddler on the Roof : Presented at the Mayflower Theatre (Sept 5-14)
  • Southampton Boat Show : Showcasing thousands of boats, brands, & products (Sept 13-22)
  • GHOST The Musical : Direct from the West End to the Mayflower Theatre (Oct 29-Nov 9)
  • The Nutcracker on Ice : Presented by Imperial Ice Stars at the Mayflower (Nov 19-23)
  • War Horse: Presented at the Mayflower Theatre (Feb 19-Mar 15, 2014)

Minibus Hire Southampton has a team of professional drivers waiting to take your group to all of Southampton’s theatrical events aboard one of our modern Southampton Minibus and Southampton Coach Hire vehicles.


Anyone who has aspired to voyage the high seas or to explore Europe’s many cruise ports should certainly consider Southampton as the port of embarkation. From its rich maritime history to its many theatrical offerings, this fascinating city is the perfect location to relax before or after your cruise and with cheap minibus Southampton, it couldn't be easier to get around. Don’t forget it’s also one of southern England’s top shopping destinations and the perfect place for a quiet, family friendly vacation with its numerous cinemas, parks, and museums.

Whether it’s a pre or post Southampton cruise transfer, or a group excursion to a popular musical, our Southampton minibus company will ensure you don’t miss a curtain call or that luxury cruise. From minibus tours, to coach hire Southampton, we are the transportation of choice.

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