Norwich Minibus Hire

Discover Norwich in Style: Minibus Hire for Convenient Exploration

Norwich is a vibrant city packed with history and attractions, and the best way to make the most of your visit is with a convenient minibus hire. Leave the maps and navigation worries behind and explore comfortably with these must-see highlights: 

If you plan a group outing in Norwich or the surrounding areas, choose a reputable minibus hire company that's part of a broader national network. This offers you the benefits of a large, well-maintained fleet and extensive coverage. Look for a minibus company offering various vehicle options, including standard and executive minibus hire with a driver to suit your needs and budget. Get clear quote prices upfront, so you're aware of all costs involved.

For maximum comfort, inquire about executive minibus options like the Mercedes 8 or 16 seater. If you anticipate needing substantial luggage space, ask if the company offers a minibus with a trailer, a big boot, or even mini-coach options (though rates may vary for these larger vehicles). Standard 16-seater options like the Renault or Volkswagen Crafter are excellent choices for comfortable group travel. When planning your trip, consider whether your group's needs lean towards standard or executive coach hire – the minibus company can advise you on the best fit. Remember, all vehicles within reputable networks are typically within 5 years old (subject to availability), ensuring a modern and reliable travel experience.

Minibus Hire with Driver 

choose our minibus hire service and enjoy the convenience of a professional, uniformed driver for your journey. Our drivers are known for their punctuality, ensuring you arrive at your destination right on schedule. We understand that traveling can sometimes be hectic, which is why we go the extra mile to provide assistance with your luggage, offering a seamless travel experience right from the start.
Our commitment to customer satisfaction is evident in everything we do. We focus on providing assistance services that make your journey more comfortable and hassle-free. We believe in creating positive experiences that will keep you coming back, making us your preferred choice for minibus hire with a driver.

Coach Hire Norwich

Our coach hire services offer unparalleled convenience for your group travels, seamlessly connecting Norwich to a wide range of destinations. Here's how we make it happen:
•    Visiting Vibrant Cities: Easily explore vibrant cities like London, Cambridge, or Birmingham. Our spacious 33, 34, 35, or 37-seater coaches provide ample room for groups of all sizes. For even larger groups, opt for our comfortable 49-seater coach hire option.
•    Exploring Coastal Retreats: Plan a day trip to the picturesque seaside towns of Great Yarmouth, Cromer, or Wells-next-the-Sea. Our coaches effortlessly navigate the coastal roads, ensuring a relaxing journey for everyone.
•    Airport Transfers: Need a ride to London Stansted, Heathrow, or Gatwick? Our reliable coach hire services offer stress-free airport transfers, taking the worry out of getting your group to the airport on time.
•    Special Events: Attending a wedding, a sporting event, or a concert in a different location? We'll take care of the transportation. For especially large gatherings, consider our 72-seater double-decker option.
Our fleet of modern coaches and experienced drivers ensure a smooth and comfortable ride, letting you focus on enjoying your destination. Whether you're exploring historic towns, vibrant cities, or stunning coastlines, our coach hire services are the perfect way to connect Norwich to your chosen destination.

Our Minibusand coach hire Pricing

We offer a range of minibus sizes to accommodate groups of all sizes. Our pricing is flexible and based on the vehicle type you choose:

  • 8-seater minibus taxi: Starting at £450
  • 12-14 seater minibus: Starting at £550
  • 16-seater minibus: Starting at £650
  • 24-33 seater minibus: Starting at £950
  • 49-seater coach (for larger groups): Starting at £1200

Please note:

  • Prices can vary up to £1200 depending on the specific vehicle type, distance traveled, and any added amenities.
  • Get a personalized quote for your journey by contacting us or using our online booking system.

Top ten places to see with minibus and coach hire with our company.
•    Norwich Cathedral - NR1 4DH: Explore the grandeur of Norwich Cathedral and its historic surroundings, which are easily accessible with a minibus hire from our company.
•    Norwich Castle Museum & Art Gallery - NR1 3JU: Dive into Norwich's rich history at the Castle Museum & Art Gallery, conveniently reachable with coach hire options.
•    The Plantation Garden - NR2 3DB: Discover the tranquility of The Plantation Garden, a Victorian oasis.
•    Elm Hill - NR3 1HG: Stroll along the picturesque Elm Hill, lined with medieval buildings, accessible with minibus hire services.
•    Norwich Market—NR2 1ND: Immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of Norwich Market, which is easily navigable with coach hire options.
•    Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts - NR4 7TJ: Experience modern art at the Sainsbury Centre, .
•    The Forum—NR2 1TF: Explore The Forum, a modern hub in Norwich, easily reached with coach hire.
•    Whitlingham Country Park - NR14 8AZ: Enjoy nature at Whitlingham Country Park, 
•    Norwich Lanes - NR2 1LE: Wander through the eclectic Norwich Lanes, easily accessible with coach hire for group exploration.
•    Mousehold Heath—NR1 4NP: For outdoor enthusiasts, Mousehold Heath offers panoramic views, accessible via minibus hire.

Why choose national minibus hire for Norwich  

•    Unmatched Reliability: We're always on time, every time. Your driver's number is provided in advance for direct communication.
•    Exceptional Comfort & Choice: Diverse fleet options, from standard to executive vehicles, ensure the perfect fit. Safety and comfort are always prioritized.
•    Unbeatable Convenience: Get instant prices and free quotes, and enjoy a lightning-fast booking system.
•    Peace of Mind: All our drivers are CRB-checked and background verified for your absolute safety.
•    Year-Round Value: Fantastic discounts keep your travel budget-friendly.
•    Friendly, Professional Service: Our drivers go the extra mile, ensuring a positive travel experience.
"Don't settle for a minibus ride; choose a travel partner that delivers a stress-free, enjoyable experience. With Norwich Minibus Hire, you'll always arrive safely, comfortably, and worry-free. We're not just about getting you there; we're about making your journey a memorable part of your day. Choose us and experience the difference!"

How to Book in Simple Steps?

Understanding the Form
•    ME UP FROM / TAKE ME TO: These are standard pick-up and drop-off location fields.
•    JOURNEY TYPE: Customers choose between one-way and return journeys.
•    EVENT TYPE: This extensive dropdown menu lets users select specific events (races, festivals, sporting events, etc.) or broader categories (Business Trips, Day Trips, etc.).
•    LEAVING ON (DATE/TIME): Date and time selection for the outbound journey.
•    SUITCASES: Estimation of luggage amount helps determine the right vehicle size.
•    PASSENGERS: Simple selection of the number of passengers traveling.
•    COMPLICATED JOURNEY? CLICK HERE: A link for more complex travel itineraries with multistops

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