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Making the Best of Norwich Minibus Hire

Plenty of people like to book minibus hire Norwich so they can explore the city more thoroughly without having to resort to an A to Z book to get around. There is certainly plenty to see here, especially since this is a vibrant city with a famous cathedral to add to your list of attractions to look forward to.

Without further ado therefore, let’s explore some of the highlights the city has to offer. You can then book your Norwich minibus to get you there.

A cheap minibus Norwich can take you to the following attractions

First on our list is definitely Norwich Castle, a solid and imposing building that contains far more than you might initially think. You can explore the Boudica Gallery, the Castle Keep and go on a tour of the dungeons to name just a few of the experiences available here. Booking minibus tours makes it easier to get around and get back to your accommodation in the evening if your visit lasts longer than one day.

Next we can visit Norwich Cathedral, which has been standing for more than 900 years. Not only can you visit throughout the year, you can also take advantage of some of the best events that occur on a regular basis too. Watch out for the falcons at the cathedral, and also the grave of Edith Cavell, a famous nurse who had a key role in World War I.

While Norwich minibus hire has a lot to commend it, you also have the chance to see more of Norwich courtesy of a punt on the river. This is a guided river tour that reveals much about the city and gives you the chance to learn more about many of the main sights.

Finally, make sure you pay a visit to Norwich Market. It is open six days a week (only closing on a Sunday) and has been here for some nine hundred years. Norwich coach hire can easily take you to this location to enjoy everything it has to offer.

Book with a Norwich minibus company today

Booking a minibus hire with driver Norwich is a smart move. Coach hire in Norwich is the best way to get from one place to another without any of the issues that concern drivers. Coach hire Norwich means you can enjoy getting around and exploring the city at your convenience. You can make a booking that suits your needs and ensures you are able to see all the best sights.

Even if you are new to going on minibus tours, you will soon see why they are so popular. With lots of reasons to visit Norwich and lots of perks offered on such tours, they certainly make a trip to the city even more fun than it would be otherwise. Indeed they are the perfect introduction if it's your first time in the city, thanks to the ability you have to enjoy the city from a higher vantage point – and all without having to drive either. What could be better than that for a day out?


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