National Mini Bus Company Offers Affordable Minibus Insurance National Mini Bus Company, the leader in minibus rentals in the United Kingdom, offers inexpensive affordable minibus insurance. Because we are the leader in minibus rentals, we have access to insurance sources we can provide for you, if you are seeking insurance. We can provide the best rates for Social, domestic and pleasure, and private and public vehicles for hire. When you contact National Mini Bus Company, you will be given the best quote possible to meet your insurance needs in cost and coverage. We want to meet your minibus insurance needs, and we compare our rates with the rates of insurance companies across the UK.

Call us with your quote and we will beat any reasonable quote with our rates and policies. You are required to have at least third party insurance on your motor vehicle and we can provide cheap insurance policies that will meet your budget and expectations. What types of policies does National Mini Bus Company offer? We have a wide range of policies we offer to our customers. We offer full comprehensive and third party, fire and theft minibus insurance. We can provide minimal third party coverage which will provide for payment of damages in the event of injury to another person or property. These policies do not cover your injuries or damages, but meet the UK requirements for vehicle insurance. The wiser choice is a comprehensive policy that covers damages and injuries to drivers and other parties.

These policies cover theft and fire, events that unfortunately may occur. Although these policies will be a bit more costly, you will have the security of knowing that you are covered for accidents. Whether you are 21 or 70 years old, we have minibus policies for any driver and will be happy to discuss your choices. If you are a first time driver or a person seeking affordable insurance, we have a policy for you. Personal accident coverage is another option we offer for our policies. This coverage will help protect you and your passengers should an accident occur to prevent financial difficulties. We offer protection in the event of road rage incidents. If you are a victim of a road rage incident, we can provide resources for you to recover from such an attack. In the event of an accident and your minibus requires shop repair, we can provide in your policy a replacement vehicle to keep you mobile while you wait when a no-fault situation occurs. If you wish to use your minibus to travel outside the UK, we can cover your journey. With this inclusion in your insurance policy, you will save yourself valuable money by not requiring the purchase of additional coverage. We offer breakdown coverage for both your home start and when you travel. We offer additional policy services such as windscreen and glass coverage, replacement key and legal coverage for solicitors in the event you require this service as a result of an accident.

National Mini Bus Company offers commercial insurance for your minibuses at excellent rates and different levels of coverage. As you are aware, commercial insurance policy costs are higher because of the number of passengers being transported. If an accident occurs, a policy should provide adequate coverage in the event multiple passengers require compensation as a result of an accident. Our insurance specialists will be happy to provide quotes on the coverage alternatives available for transportation of multiple passengers. We will be happy to provide a breakdown of costs to ensure your liability needs are met. If your minibus is for hire, in other words you collect payment for transporting passengers, special permits are required. Please contact your Traffic commissioner to ensure you have the proper permits in place.

When you contact us for an insurance quote please let us know you are a for hire operator so we may quote you the correct policy and cost. For our commercial customers, National Mini Bus Company offers a variety of policies tailored to the needs of your organizations and businesses. We offer policies for church and charity usage and can combine policies to cover these needs. These policies may include coverage for community service, welfare, housing associations, youth organizations and meal programs. We are sensitive to the unique requirements for your organizations and will work to provide the coverage required at an affordable cost as we understand the nature of your funding. We offer minibus insurance for nursing homes, whether it is for ambulances, residential, charity or other nursing home applications. We offer policies for education transportation, including nursery school, kindergarten, private and public school applications, technical schools and universities.

We offer policies for taxi applications, tour operators, public and private hire. We offer coverage for sports clubs, outdoor events and other commercial applications. We offer liability coverage for private and public fire minibuses. We cover all minibus insurance applications and if your application is not listed, we will be happy to provide you with information and a quote to meet your minibus insurance requirements. Whatever your business or organization, National Mini Bus Company will find the correct and affordable coverage for you. With the annual insurance policy cost broken into affordable monthly payments we offer you the best policies in terms of cost, convenience and coverage. We offer immediate support when a breakdown or accident occurs, and will work quickly to get your needs addressed.

When you discuss National Mini Bus Company insurance policies, a breakdown of what will or will not be covered will be discussed. Knowing your coverage and excesses will avoid unpleasant surprises in the event of an accident. When purchasing insurance, our sales staff will be able to point out the advantages of different inclusions in policies, the cost differences and answer any questions you may have. We will work with you to find that policy to protect you and your minibus. We will be pleased to discuss your options and work to meet your budget. Contact us at for further information and excellent quotes Description:�s excess car hire insurance policy covers you for the total amount of the excess that you are liable for if your car is stolen, broken into or damaged in any way.