We have located only minutes away from international airport locations such as Heathrow, Glasgow, Luton, Liverpool, Manchester, Leeds/Bradford, and Newcastle. Quality accommodations and popular attractions are located near each one of these destinations.We have acquired a total of over 10 years of service in various travel fields. We specialize in safe and affordable travel for stag or hen celebrations, management teams, and vacation travelers.Among the organization that has used our services include schools, corporations, non-profit groups, and private parties. We served during weddings, corporate events, class trips, graduation parties, honeymoons, and more.Additionally, we provide local transportation for wedding ceremonies. All of our vehicles include plenty of leg room and are climate controlled. Groups have used our services year after year.We make sure your entire trip is enjoyable. With that, we help plan your itineraries upon request. We also respond immediately to all your calls for help, as each vehicle is GPS equipped. Additionally, all of your customer information is accessible to us the minute you contact us.We have many repeat customers, including corporate offices who hire multiple minibusses and coaches of various sizes. We sent out minibus vehicles ranging in size from 6 to 23 passengers.

Whether you are planning a night out, a team day, or a large client meeting you can count on us. We track all flights as well, and we know where all the quality accommodations are located.Moreover, we provide the most affordable line of services in the entire UK. However, we offer the same quality as more costly Minibus hire companies.Feel free to call National Minibus Hire for a ride any time of the day or night. To ensure you receive the appropriately sized vehicle for your group we recommend calling at least a few days in advance.