Coventry Minibus Hire

Get a Cheap Minibus Coventry and See the Sights

The best way to make the most of Coventry is to book coach hire in Coventry. Why worry about getting around under your own steam when you can get a crowd together and enjoy letting your minibus hire with driver Coventry get you around instead?

As you are about to find out, there are plenty of ways to enjoy seeing the sights in the city. Let’s look at some of the best ones you can see on your minibus tours right now.

Top sights to see in Coventry on minibus tours

Firstly we cannot move on without mentioning Coventry Cathedral. This is actually the third cathedral to stand on this spot, and it only dates back to 1962, following its rebuild after World War II.

Once you have seen the cathedral, why not move on to see Allesley Park? This used to be a deer park but now it offers plenty of superb walks in Coventry. When you get off your coach hire Coventry vehicle and you want to stretch your legs, this is a good place to do it.

Next up, why not see the famous Allesley Park Walled Garden? This garden dates back to the 18th century and it is a proper kitchen garden. If you have any interest at all in gardening it is well worth a look.

Coventry coach hire can also take you to the Coventry Transport Museum to see explore transport through the ages. Everyone from kids to adults will enjoy a trip here, so be sure to take in as much as you can before getting back on your Coventry minibus.

Finally you can visit St Mary’s Guildhall, which dates back well over six hundred years. If you like a taste of the past, this is the ideal destination to head for. There are many other older buildings in Coventry as well, and you may see some of them when you book your Coventry minibus hire to take you around the city.

The advantages of Coventry minibus hire

When you visit a city you have never been to before, getting around can be something of a challenge. Fortunately, you can make it much easier if you go for minibus hire Coventry because it will ensure you can see the sights from the moment you enter the city. Instead of constantly looking for parking and trying to figure out which way you should be going, you can enjoy the services of the Coventry minibus company you hired to get you from A to B.

It is also easier to figure out how you can arrive and depart from certain attractions. Instead of finding somewhere close by to park, or working out how to get there on foot, you can be dropped somewhere convenient and picked up at the same place. It certainly makes exploring Coventry much easier than it would be otherwise, doesn’t it? 

We’ve only touched on a few places to explore in the city. Once you get there and you see the possibilities, you’ll no doubt find many more to see.

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