Gloucester Minibus Hire

 Whether for a day trip or more of our far-reaching minibus and coach hire map, we are fully equipped with a 8-seater minibus up to a 49-seat coach. Any size, any location, we have a coach for you.For smaller group /family – an 8-seater minibus provides comfort and space to enjoy a short /long journey around the city of Gloucester. They are ideal for small get-togethers, airport transfers, day trips to nearby locations etc.

At the higher end of the scale, 16-seater minibuses provide more space in terms of the number of seats. However, they are still practical for the passengers onboard. They are more suitable for slightly larger groups, as the vehicles are equipped with various modern accessories and designed in a comfortable way for their passengers.For larger groups or larger events, coaches can be provided from Seat Capacity: 24-seater to 49-seater are available. Seating capacity of the largest coach offered by coach hire gloucester is perfect for larger corporate outings, school trips and group tours. Passengers can comfortably relax their souls while enjoying the trip.

No matter whether you want to head out on a sightseeing trip around some of Gloucester’s historic sites, travel to the scenic Cotswolds or even help people move between different areas, minibus and coach hire can cater for all this and more.

Knowledgeable professional drivers, with a deep understanding of Gloucester and the surrounding areas, are used to ensure a safe and smooth journey for passengers. This involves dealing with all the logistics of passengers being moved, so passengers can sit back, relax and enjoy the sights of the cities with onboard facilities and air conditioning availability.

It's easy to book minibus and coach hire in Gloucester, and there are many vehicles available to hire, so it's easy to find the type of transport you need, no matter how big or small your travelling party is, or what you need the vehicle for.

To wrap up, minibus and coach hire are the great transport option in Gloucester. They are very convenient and affordable mode of transport that can serve any number of peoples. From small groups of 8 people to groups of 49 people, you can have the full advantage as there is a vehicle for all kinds of occasions and situations.

About Gloucester.

Today, it is home to a bustling city life. Gloucester sits at the foot of the Cotswolds and on the edge of the River Severn. It is a place steeped in history with an east-west dual carriageway running through its centre, forming a postal code picture of the city; GL1 in the centre of town, with the postal codes climbing up the hills on either side: GL2 and GL3 to the south, and GL4 to the north. Here you can visit Roman ruins, the cathedral that has made it to the silver screen, and the Gloucester docks that were once a thriving industrial location, but transformed into a waterfront area today. Gloucester Cathedral, a beautiful medieval structure, is the final resting place of former kings and queens of England. It is also home to Harry Potter because the cathedral’s cloisters have appeared in the Harry Potter films. You can get up close and personal with Roman soldiers at the Gloucester City Museum and Art Gallery, or discover the story of the city’s craftsmanship at the Museum of Gloucester. Gloucester Docks, once a leading UK destination for shipping and trade goods with the industrialised world, still has some Victorian warehouses that can be seen today.

Gloucester Cathedral:
A breathtaking example of medieval architecture, with Norman and Gothic elements.Cloisters featured in the Harry Potter films.Explore the tomb of King Edward II and admire the intricate stained glass windows.Gloucester Docks:Revitalized Victorian warehouses now offer shopping, dining, and entertainment options.
Home to the National Waterways Museum, showcasing canal history.
Antique center and a popular spot for boat trips on the Gloucester and Sharpness Canal.

Soldiers of Gloucestershire Museum:

Dive into the military history of the Gloucestershire Regiment.
Engaging exhibits, personal artifacts, and recreated battle scenes.A poignant experience honoring the county's soldiers.


Nature in Art:

The world's first museum dedicated exclusively to art inspired by nature.
Diverse range of works, from paintings and sculptures to ceramics.
Set within a beautiful Georgian mansion.

Gloucester Quays:
Vibrant outlet shopping destination with a variety of popular brands.
Restaurants and cafes with views of the docks.
Hosts events and festivals throughout the year.

Factors Affecting Minibus and Coach Hire Costs

  1. Type of vehicle: Minibuses are generally cheaper to hire than full-size coaches. Luxury coaches with additional amenities will understandably be the most expensive option.
  2. Capacity: The number of passengers directly impacts the cost, as larger vehicles are pricier.
  3. Distance and Duration: The total mileage and the length of hire (hourly, daily, multiple days) play a major role in price calculation.
  4. Date and Time: Peak seasons, weekends, and holidays tend to have higher rates than off-season periods.
  5. Additional Services: Special requests like onboard refreshments, specific routes, or a dedicated driver for extended periods will add to the cost.
  6. Parking and Tolls: Some companies may include parking and toll fees in their quote, while others might charge these extra.


  • The calm: Here, you’re in the hands of an expert who’s allowed to take a luxurious route that, being on the clock, you wouldn’t allow yourself. No stressing about directions, traffic, parking, etc.
  • Efficiency: Arrive on time without coordinating a bunch of cars or a designated driver.
  • Safety: Professional drivers are experienced and prioritize passenger safety.
  • Flexibility: Customize your route, stops, and itinerary at your own pace.
  • Cost-effective: Hiring a minibus is often cheaper than taxis or several cars, and can be very effective for larger groups.

Coach Hire in Gloucester: Your Guide to Travel Options

Gloucester is a very historical city full of romans and Gloucester Cathedral is one off the most beautiful building one can expect to see. Coach Hire in it mean while being the cite of a village was full of culture and rich in history. Being a town in the outskirts of industrialisation means one can hire a coach to fit many uses like their corporate use, wedding transportation solutions and touring groups to experience the best of one of the most historical city that ever lived.

Standard Coach Hire

Therefore, standard coach hire can be used. Standard coach hire has enough seats for a group of people and is available at a moderate cost. Standard coaches have properly sized seats which are comfortable and have storage space for a lot of luggage. There are some coaches with onboard entertainmemt.•Capacity: Typically 30-50+ passengers

  •  Ideal for: Day trips, school outings, airport transfers, sporting events
  •  Private Coach in gloucester you get to determine where you go, who you pick up, and when you drop people off, plus all the bells and whistles. This option is commonly selected by:
  • Capacity: Varies from minibuses (around 16 passengers) to full-size coaches
  • Ideal for: Corporate events, weddings, family reunions, customized tours

Luxury Coach Hire

If you are travelling with a large party, coach hire allows for a level of opulence that is unmatched. A luxury coach will consist ofIf you are travelling with a large party, coach hire allows for a level of opulence that is unmatched. A luxury coach will consist of mercdes vehicles and state of the art equiment inside 

Minibus Types in Gloucester

  • Minibus hire companies in Gloucester offer a range of vehicles to suit your group size and needs:
  • Standard Minibuses: The most common type, ideal for groups of 8-16 passengers. These offer comfortable seating and ample luggage space.
  • Executive Minibuses: Offer enhanced comfort with features like reclining seats, individual entertainment systems, and sometimes onboard refreshments.
  • Wheelchair Accessible Minibuses: Ensure accessibility for all passengers.
  • Minibus Taxi Service in Gloucester
  • Minibus taxi services in Gloucester operate similarly to standard taxis but with a significant advantage – they cater to larger groups. Here's why you might consider this service:
  • Cost-effective for groups: Sharing the cost of a minibus taxi can be more affordable than taking multiple individual taxis, especially for short to medium distances.
  • Convenience: Get your entire group from point A to point B without the hassle of coordinating multiple vehicles or carpooling.
  • Flexibility: Minibus taxis often offer 24/7 availability, making them convenient for nights out, airport transfers, or spontaneous trips.

How to find Minibus Taxi Services:

Search online: Use search terms like "minibus taxi Gloucester" to find companies operating in the area.Check with Minibus Hire Companies: Some minibus hire companies in Gloucester may also offer taxi-like services with their smaller vehicles.

Upcoming Events Of 2024-2025

1. Gloucester History Festival (September)

A vibrant celebration of Gloucester's rich history with talks, walks, exhibitions, re-enactments, and family activities.The 2024 festival will likely have a unique theme and an extensive program of events spread across the city.

2. Gloucester Rugby Matches

Witness the passion of rugby at Kingsholm Stadium, Gloucester Rugby's home ground.Exact fixtures for 2024/2025 will be released closer to the time, but expect Premiership Rugby matches and potential European competitions. Look out for ticket sales on Gloucester Rugby's website.

3. Christmas Markets (November/December)

Get into the festive spirit at Gloucester Quays or other locations around the city.Browse charming stalls for unique gifts, enjoy seasonal treats, and soak up the holiday atmosphere with live music and entertainment.

4. Tall Ships Festival (Potentially 2025)

This spectacular event doesn't happen every year, but might return to Gloucester in 2025.

Admire magnificent Tall Ships docked at the historic Gloucester Docks, enjoy onboard tours, live music, and a lively maritime atmosphere.

5. Food Festivals (Throughout the Year)

Gloucester and the surrounding region are known for their delicious local produce.Anticipate various food-themed festivals celebrating everything from cheese and street food to international flavors. Keep an eye on event websites for announcements.


  • Pick Me Up From: Enter your exact starting address in Gloucester.
  • Take Me To: Enter your destination.
  • Journey Type: Select "One Way" or "Return Way" depending on your needs.
  • Event Type: Choose the option that best describes your trip purpose (e.g., Airport Transfer, Wedding, Day Trip, etc.).
  • Complicated Journey?: If your trip has multiple stops or special requirements, click here to provide more details. 

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