Nottingham Minibus Hire

Enjoy the Sights With Nottingham Minibus hire

Booking a Nottingham minibus is a clever move if you want to see more of Nottingham than you would while driving. It makes getting around very easy indeed, because you can tailor your Nottingham coach hire to suit your exact needs.

If you are wondering what there is to see and do in Nottingham, you are in luck. We have picked out some real treats for you to look forward to on your minibus tours, and they are listed below.

See the sights with Nottingham minibus hire

If you want to see a castle dating from the 17th century, Nottingham is the place to go. Nottingham Castle gives you an opportunity to step into the past, as well as seeing modern day Nottingham from the top of the castle itself. There are plenty of events taking place that change all the time too, so check to see what’s on when you visit.

Next you can visit the Galleries of Justice Museum, a creepy and fascinating look into crime and punishment. You can see inside the old jail and court house, and explore the past – perhaps in more ways than one, since the building is said to be haunted.

Your Nottingham minibus company can take you all over the city but it cannot take you beneath it. For this you need to explore the City of Caves attraction. The caves are hidden beneath the city streets but you can go on a tour to see them. Amazingly, these atmospheric caves date back to the Dark Ages.

Finally, why not get your Nottingham minibus hire vehicle to drop you off at the Lace Market? This is a key part of the heritage of the city and it was once a vital part of the lace industry back in the days of the British Empire. It has been renovated to restore it to at least some of its former glory today, and is well worth a visit.

Why opt for minibus tours?

Whether you choose a minibus or coach hire Nottingham, you can be sure you will find it easier to get around and see the best the city can offer you. A cheap minibus Nottingham makes it much simpler to see the sights without getting lost, and you will find you have access to much more convenient drop off points as well.

A minibus hire with driver Nottingham is also more practical because you won’t get lost or struggle to find the best routes to get from one place to another. You can also hire your minibus or coach for more than one day if need be, giving you plenty of opportunities to see various sights. In other words, if you want to be sure you enjoy the best of your minibus hire Nottingham, you should definitely plan ahead to make the most of the city and your hire vehicle. Nottingham has many sights to see – some of them rather unusual ones to boot – and it would be a shame to miss out on the highlights we have mentioned above. Which ones will you enjoy most?

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