Cambridge Minibus Hire 

Cambridge Minibus Hire offers a range of executive minibus transport services within the city, catering to diverse needs with its fleet of 6 to 23-seater minibuses and coaches. This reputable company is part of a national minibus hire network, ensuring reliability and quality service. In this guide, we will delve into various aspects of Cambridge Minibus Hire, from the cost of hiring minibuses with drivers to the postcodes of Cambridge and the places to explore in the city.

Cost of Minibus Hire with Driver 

Cambridge Minibus Hire provides affordable services for those in need of reliable transportation. The minibus hire with driver in Cambridge ensures peace of mind, with drivers confirming travel plans two days in advance. Operating 24/7, the services cover early morning, late-night, and any other time of the day pickups and drop-offs. Clients can travel in comfort, making their journey more enjoyable. With competitive rates, a diverse fleet, and exceptional customer service, Cambridge Minibus Hire stands as a preferred choice for transportation in the Cambridge, UK area.

Places to See in Cambridge with Postcodes 

Exploring Cambridge is a treat for history and culture enthusiasts. This section will highlight significant places to visit in Cambridge along with their respective postcodes. From the historic Cambridge University to the picturesque Botanic Garden, readers will get a glimpse of the city's attractions and landmarks. A detailed list will ensure visitors have the postcodes at their fingertips, making it easier to plan their itinerary.

top 5 places to see in Cambridge along with their postcodes:

Cambridge University:

Postcode: CB2 1TN
Description: Explore the historic and prestigious Cambridge University, known for its stunning architecture, academic excellence, and beautiful college campuses. Visit iconic colleges such as Trinity College, King's College, and St John's College.
King's College Chapel:

Postcode: CB2 1ST
Description: Admire the breathtaking architecture of King's College Chapel, a masterpiece of English Gothic architecture. Known for its stunning stained glass windows and beautiful fan-vaulted ceiling, the chapel is a must-visit landmark.
Fitzwilliam Museum:

Postcode: CB2 1RB
Description: Immerse yourself in art and culture at the Fitzwilliam Museum, showcasing an impressive collection of paintings, sculptures, and artifacts from different periods. The museum is a cultural gem located in the heart of Cambridge.
Botanic Garden:

Postcode: CB2 1JE
Description: Enjoy the tranquility of the Cambridge University Botanic Garden, a haven of plants, flowers, and greenery. Stroll through themed gardens, glasshouses, and discover a diverse range of plant species from around the world.
Punting on the River Cam:

Postcode (for Riverside): CB5 8AQ
Description: Experience the charm of Cambridge by punting on the River Cam. Rent a punt and leisurely glide along the scenic river, passing by the backs of various colleges. It's a relaxing and iconic way to appreciate the city's architecture.
These top 5 places offer a glimpse into the rich history, culture, and natural beauty that Cambridge has to offer. Each location provides a unique experience, making Cambridge a delightful destination for visitors.

Postcodes of Cambridge Coach Hire and Minibus Hire 

Understanding the postcodes associated with Cambridge Minibus Hire and Coach services is crucial for efficient planning. This section will provide a comprehensive list of postcodes corresponding to the Cambridge service areas. This information will assist clients in determining pickup and drop-off locations, enhancing the overall convenience of utilizing these services.

Histon:Postcode: CB24 

Postcode: CB2 

Postcode: CB3 
Cherry Hinton:

Postcode: CB1 

Postcode: CB21 

Postcode: CB24 8

Postcode: CB24 6


8, 12, 16 Minibus Hire & 24, 35, 33, 49 Seater Coach Hire Destinations 

Cambridge Minibus Hire caters to diverse group sizes, offering minibuses and coaches ranging from 8 to 49 seaters. This section will explore the various destinations suitable for each type of vehicle, ensuring clients can select the most appropriate option based on their group size and specific needs. Whether it's a small group outing or a large corporate event, Cambridge Minibus Hire has the right solution.

Types of Services Offered 

This comprehensive section will delve into the various services offered by Cambridge Minibus Hire, including:

Airport Transfers: Providing seamless transportation to and from airports, including inter-airport transfers.

Conferences: Ensuring timely arrivals for conferences, offering a reliable solution for business travelers.

Minibus Tours: Affordable and informative city tours for groups interested in exploring Cambridge.

Executive Travel: Premium minibus services tailored for executive travel needs.

Corporate Events: Smooth transportation for groups attending corporate events in Cambridge.

Weddings: Stress-free transport solutions for wedding parties and guests.

Sports Events: Comfortable and timely transportation for groups attending sports events.

Funerals: Reliable and respectful transportation for funeral services.

Race Days: Effortless transport to racing events, combining comfort and style.

This section will highlight the versatility of Cambridge Minibus Hire in catering to a wide range of needs.

Cambridge Minibus Hire offers a comprehensive and reliable transportation solution for various occasions. With a diverse fleet, competitive pricing, and a commitment to customer satisfaction, it stands as a go-to service for those in and around Cambridge. Whether it's exploring the city's rich history, attending a business conference, or marking life's significant events, Cambridge Minibus Hire ensures a seamless and enjoyable journey

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