Wychwood Music Festival Minibus Hire 2019 and Transportation Services

2019 will be the 15th year that the Wychwood Music Festival will be taking place and it is running from May 31 to June 2, 2019. The Wychwood Music Festival will be held at the Cheltenham Racecourse once again. Wychwood Music Festival is one of the festivals that is most awaited for and most cherished by their avid supporters. Wychwood Festival is definitely a power packed event with only the best artists performing. What sets Wychwood Music Festival from other music festivals is that not only do they have class music acts, but they also have family-friendly workshops that teach the kids the artistry of music which can inspire them to take a similar route for their career or it can enhance their passion about music. This is why their festival is known to be a very family friendly festival. Here is the current line up that has been released for the Wychwood Music Festival weekend.


  1. Scouting For Girls
  2. T'Pau
  3. Toyah
  4. Tankus The Henge
  5. John Otway and Wild Willy Barret
  6. Steve Davis and Kavus Torabi
  7. Count Skylarkin
  8. Thrill Collins
  9. Bez
  10. Folk On
  11. Aardman Model Making
  12. Family Songs With Nick Cope
  13. Chichi Fit
  14. Mr. Dilly's World of Wonder
  15. Ben Cornish
  16. Jo Porter's Kitchen Dancing

There are much more to come for the Wychwood Music Festival - they are yet to announce the line up for the Saturday and Sunday events. There is nothing less than amazing line ups to expect from Wychwood Music Festival this year because all their past festivals are all spectacular. And for their 15th birthday, they are sure to make things bigger and better for their audience.

For their 2019 weekend, they opened an early bird's ticket sale at new year's eve and they also held a special prize draw bonus for everyone who has already purchased their tickets before the end of 2018. Wychwood Music Festival is definitely an event that cares for their people as well!

Wychwood Music Festival Minibus Hire

Though, getting around the festival would require transportation and its always better to travel in a group. The bigger the group, the more fun that you will have - and the bigger the car that you are going to need. When booking your transportation for the Wychwood Music Festival Weekend, you should make sure that they have a reliable and dependable driver service that is available any time of the day, and that the contact number for the driver is released days before the music festival weekend so you can coordinate with your driver conveniently. You should also check if there is a wide selection of vehicles and that the cars are all safe and comfortable. To be sure you should also check that they have a clean criminal record. Find a company that will offer you fast and free quotations and the prices are fairly cheap. Also look out for discounts that they release any time of the year. It is also a plus factor that their drivers are uninformed and that they have good etiquette and disposition, and that they also go the extra mile by helping you with your luggage and offer you other assistive services. Your transportation service should make you happy and keep you happy for a great experience. 

Wychwood Music Festival Minibus Hire Selections

Here are a few of the selections that you can hire that includes a driver already

  1. 8 Seater Minibus in Ford Galaxy Models within 5 to 7 passengers
  2. 12 Seater Minibus in Ford Transit
  3. 14 Seater Minibus in Ford Transit
  4. 16 Seater Minibus in Ford Transit
  5. 16 Seater Executive / Luxury in Mercedez
  6. 24 Seater Mini Coach
  7. 33 Seater Coach
  8. 46 Seater Available in Standard and Luxury
  9. 72 Seater Coach