Welwyn Garden City Minibus Hire

Welwyn Garden City was designed as the second garden city in the United Kingdom. Conceptualized by Sir Ebenezer Howard, garden cities were designed to be a completely autonomous city with a balance of residents, agriculture and industry. Welwyn Garden City was founded in the 1920s to fit this purpose. Following World War II, it became one of the first “new towns” under the New Towns Act. These towns were supposed to offer the best of city and country living in one town, making it an ideal place to live. Under the town are remains of a Roman bath, dating use of the area back to the conquest of Britain to the Romans. Recently, there has been a movement of people wishing to return the town to its garden city roots. A minibus company Welwyn Garden City will help you explore the city and its exciting history. 

Each year, Welwyn Garden City hosts a variety of festivals and events that make for a fun day. A Welwyn Garden City minibus hire would help you arrive in style at whichever festival you choose. The Welwyn Garden City Food Festival is an opportunity to sample foods from around the world and learn a little more about preparing some exotic meals. With more than 20 food stalls open, there will be the chance to sample a variety of cuisines from Chinese and Italian to French. In March, the Welwyn Garden City Youth Drama Festival draws young talent from around the country to show off their acts. Over a week period, more than 200 youths compete for a trophy in the junior and senior divisions. Attendees get the chance to see plays and other events. 

Find cheap minibus Welwyn Garden City to get out and explore the many things to do in the city. Spend an afternoon wandering around Stanborough Park and get out on its boating lake. This is an opportunity to see a lot of wild life in their natural habitat. The Welwyn Roman Bath is your chance to see the hidden and well-preserved Roman baths that lie under the town. These baths are protected by a vault but open to visitors daily. More than just baths, there are the remains of a small village. You will be encouraged to dress up and learn more about Britain’s past with the Romans. 

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