Minibus hire companies operate to bring luxury transport to their clients for weddings. Services can be found for all major cities across the UK. The services are offered around the clock. Bookings for private hire are welcome. Airport or hotel transport, entertainment arrivals, and wedding party needs are all part of packages offered.

Reasonable prices that fit the budgets of clients will provide safe, comfortable transport. The business is quite competitive. Companies offering luxury minibuses for hire have high standards of service. They rely on clientele testimonials to promote their business. Making customers happy produces favorable testimonials. An unbeatable professional reputation is earned by the companies’ punctuality and their well maintained vehicles.

Consultations and price quotes are free. The package can be tailored to suit customer requirements. Needs are catered to exactly. Each booking is handled by an experienced team that will ensure the day runs smoothly.

A wedding service provided is the transportation of guests between venues. Guest management is one of more important parts of the wedding function. The superior personalized service is provided with a chauffeur driven minibus. Guests are carried in comfort from the marriage venue or church to the reception. They will also be dropped off, after the wedding party, at a specified location.

Especially when the reception is rather far from the wedding ceremony or in a remote location, one or more guests often miss the reception because they got lost. Guests, who do not have the use of a car, are provided transportation. Some locations have parking issues. Hiring a minibus company allows that problem to be handled efficiently. The comfortable seats in the vehicle provided are perfect for small group travel. Sixteen to 19 people fit into the air conditioned minibus. Features include radio, CD player, seatbelts, and spacious luggage compartments.

Drivers of minibus companies are trained professionals that have years of experience. They will get the occupants to their destination on time. Drivers are required to hold a CPC (Driver Certificate of Professional Competence), and take refresher courses on a regular basis. Prior to departure, a ten point check for safety is conducted.

All arrangements for wedding party transportation are taken care of by the company. Customers can sit back and relax. Minibus companies understand demanding requirements of wedding transport. New ideas will open up to make a wedding special, and unique and exciting transport elements will be added.

The glamour and glitz are reasons most minibus companies are hired for weddings. Practical and eco-friendly components also make hiring a minibus company a good idea. Minibuses are cost effective forms of transportation. Friends or family, who wish to imbibe at the reception’s bar, may enjoy themselves without fear of legal consequences. Older friends and relatives, who cannot or do not want to drive late at night can be accommodated. They are also a carbon-efficient method of transport. Buses have particulate-efficient designed engines that use half the amount of fuel as the passengers would have used driving the latest vehicles.

Vehicle expectations should include:

  • A clean, neat, and tidy vehicle.
  • Driver arrival at least five minutes before service is being charged.
  • A display of the driver’s authority card.
  • No inconvenience by goods or luggage in the vehicle.
  • Civil, proper, and orderly mannerisms of the driver.
  • Shortest and direct route to destination taken.
  • Choose from standard to executive buses.

For peace of mind, the minibuses have accreditation from the government as charter bus operators. The vehicles are fully insured against public liability and have comprehensive vehicle insurance. All minibuses have TV accreditation plates for usage on bus lanes. The quoted cost covers fuel, insurance and an authorised driver.

Hiring a minibus company for a wedding ensures that the wedding party is not the only group of people to arrive at the wedding in style. Over the course of time, minibus companies have come to realize the importance of offering service customers can rely upon. To show trustworthiness, minibus companies put out extra effort. Pride is taken in the services they provide.

Bookings can be made through the internet, email, or phone. Direct quotes will be given immediately. Ongoing queries and updates will be addressed as need be. It is advised to book the minibus company as soon as possible