We Are Festival Minibus Hire

You have probably planned to take a big group to the latest music and arts festival, but you need our staff at National Minibus Hire to help you. There are low prices, simple quotes, and plans that will help you save money. You can explain any trip that you would like to take, and you can set up the We Are Festival minibus hire for times around the festival on May 24-26, 2019. 

The Driver 

The driver is CRB checked, and they will remain with the vehicle for as long as you need. You are given a uniformed driver who will keep you on schedule, and they will be professional no matter the circumstances. The driver will help you with all the luggage that you have, and they will make extra stops on your trip to make you happy. The driver that you have chosen will be your go-to man on the trip, and they will follow your schedule to the letter. 

Online Booking 

Online booking is cheap and easy when you are using the website. You need to be sure that you have made all your requests on the site because they can be fulfilled when you are ready to take the trip. The online booking system gives you an instant price, and it will give you a receipt for the trip that you have planned. The online booking system will send you reminders, and you will be comfortable with the way that the online booking system works because you can even live chat with an associate if you have questions. we are festival minibus hire offer competitive prices on all minibuses with driver, cheap reliable service to and from we are festival held at Upminster 

The Vehicle 

You get a great driver with your minibus rental, and you can choose from all the different vehicles on this list. You can talk tot he driver about what they think would be best, and you will have the chance to pile into a vehicle that is listed below. Simply request the vehicle you need so that you can fit in everyone in your group. 

8 Seater Minibuses are Ford Galaxies that are not any older than about five years. You are given these minibuses for an easy drive and a fairly small group. 
12 Seater Minibuses are Ford Transits, and they have enough room in the back for your luggage along with your friends and family. 
14 Seater minibuses are also Ford Transits, and they are used when you need just a couple extra seats. 
16 Seater minibuses are Ford Transits, and they are extra long so that you can fit more people and things. 
16 Seater Executive Hire minibuses are actually the Mercedes Sprinter that you can use to transport your clients to your next festival location. 

You can also get a coach if you have a massive group that all needs to go to the festival at the same time. 

24 Seater mini coach buses are large enough for a fairly big group, but they are not cumbersome buses to drive. You will not feel like you take up the whole road. 
33 Seater coaches are much larger buses that have special storage bays. 
49 Seater Coach Hire buses are the size of a regular bus that you might get a ticket for if you were riding a long distance to the festival. 
72 Seater buses are so big that you can bring your entire family. This is the only bus to take for big events, churches, and schools that need help getting to the next event. 

You can rent any bus you like from National Minibus Hire, and you will pay much less after arranging your trip on the company's website.