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Truro is a city located in Cornwall, England. In theCornish language Trurois spelled Truru. It is the southernmost city in Great Britian. Truro Minibus Hires proudly provides group transport to this location.

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Truro became a very significant centre for trade and mining over theyears. Today it is a major administrative location. It is also one a primarylocation of leisure and shopping.

Truro is distinguished by its cobbled streets, open spaces, andcarefully-constructed architecture. The best examples of historicalarchitecture in this locality are the Coinage Hall, The Mansion House, PassmoreEdwards Library, and Princes

House. The local cathedral is another magnificentstructure that stands in this


In addition, the Royal Cornwall Museum, the Hall for Cornwall, the Courts ofJustice, and Cornwall County Council are popular sites of interest. These andother buildings are created of a combination of Norma, Georgian, and Cornishtastes.

Significant residential architecture of Truro is located on Lemon Street. Inthis location were built Georgian and Victorian townhouses. This area was knownas the "London of Cornwall" as important people such as Sir William Lemon wereassociated with it.

Significant geographical spots in Truro include the RiverTruro, River Fal and Carrick Roads. The River Truro is made up of a series ofcreeks, rivers, and drowned valleys that lead into the River Fal, and theCarrick Roads is a natural harbor.

Truro has been known to be an area affected by spring tide flooding. Thiswas the

main reason for the building of dams at places such as new Mill on theRiver Kenwyn.

Natural areas located in Truro include the Pencalenick, Trelissick Garden, and Tregothnan. An Area ofOutstanding Natural Beauty is located in the southeast end of the city. It iscalled the Calenick Creek.

The wooded valleys and agriculturall and located northeast of Truro are of great geographical significance as well. The Daubuz Moors, a local nature reserve, is located within the vicinity along the River Allen. Additional parks located in the area include the Victoria Gardensand the Boscawen Park.

Truro has its own shopping district that includes a variety of shops anddepartment stores. Moreover, this area is traditionally known as a market townand is home to the indoor Pannier Market.

The Pennier Market hosts many small stallsand business booths. Several cafés and bistros have been built in this area, aswell as in other locations within Truro.

Moreover, plenty of pubs, clubs, and restaurants are currently being erected in this location. This area provides alively nightlife in addition to the Hall for Cornwall, which hosts performing arts andentertainment productions.

In addition to all of the above, the piazzaat Lemon Quay is considered the centre of local festivities. It attractsnumerous visitors to events such as Britain in Bloom, Truro City Carnival, and Winter Festival.

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