The Kendall Calling Festival Minibus Hire

The Kendall Calling Festival hosts both music and arts performances. This festival is held annually in Lowther Deer Park which is situated in the northwest of England. The Kendall Calling Festival began in 2006. Initially, it had a capacity of 900 people which it hosted over a 2-day event. However, it has grown over the years and can currently accommodate over 25,000 people during a three-day event. Kendall Calling Festival  Minibus hire and coach hire service to this festival has been going for some time and our company has the best experience to carry out this service. It has been privileged to host live performances from recognized artists such as Calvin Harris, Blondie, Dizzee Rascal, and British Sea Power among others.


Kendal Calling returns 25th-28th July 2019.

The festival is recognized globally for its track record of holding an exemplary festival filled with fun and excitement. In 2010, it received an award for the Best Small UK Festival Award and in 2011 during the Live UK Awards; it was awarded the Best Small Festival Award.In addition revelers of The Kendall Calling Festival also get the privilege of being shuttled around by the  Kendall Calling Festival  Minibus hire transport system.


The festival has in the past graced the live performance of bands such as Stereophonics, Primal Scream, Tinie Tempah and Manic Street Preachers, Basement Jaxx, Sherlock, Run MDC, Libertines, Catfish and Bottle men, Gorgon City among others.

This 2019 lineup of entertainers will be announced as we draw nearer to the festival. When you attend this festival, you will not only enjoy music but also have the opportunity to sample food and beverages from every cuisine in the world.

In addition, pop up bars, cinema, market and art installations will also be at your disposal. Furthermore, being a family friendly event, children will have their own entertainment arena that will feature exciting elements.


The Kendal Calling Festival will be held on 25th July to 29th July 2019. Tickets are currently on sale. Please find the price listing below:

  • For adults, the ticket goes for 139 pounds.
  • For teenagers between 11 to 15 years, the ticket goes for 80 pounds.
  • For children between the ages of 6 to 10, the ticket goes for 20 pounds, except on Thursday when it will be absolutely free.
  • For those who prefer live-in vehicles, they will part with 80 pounds.
  • For those who have a Thursday ticket, the gates will open at 9 a.m.
  • For the other ticket holders, the gate will open on Friday at 9 a.m.
  • Additionally, the campsites will be closed on Monday at 2 P.m.

The Kendal calling management is very strict when it comes to security and states that children below the age of 15 must always be accompanied by a ticket holder who should either be a parent or a guardian that is above 30 years. Moreover, they must also camp in the same area as that of their families and will not be allowed at the arena after 10 p.m. if they are not accompanied.

Minibus Hire and Coach Hire  Services to The Kendall Calling Festival

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