Telford Minibus with Driver

A number of coaches, shuttle bus, and bus operators cater transportation needs to tourists and regular commuters alike. Coaches are popular means of getting around Telford, especially for travelers that come in groups. Coaches can be chartered for a diverse number of passengers and are suitable for clubs, classes, and tour operators. Companies that offer coach hire can also arrange itineraries for tourists for their convenience. Another way of getting around Telford is by shuttle bus. Shuttle bus services are offered by both hotels and shuttle bus service companies. Shuttle buses allow people to get around Telford safely and conveniently, having a secure and consistent mode of transportation. There are also minibuses and Mini coaches for hire, some have a capacity to carry 12,14,16,33, and 49 passengers per bus and offer a door service for the utmost convenience and safety of the touring passenger. Taxi services are also available in Telford.

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One of the most famous locations in Telford is the newly included Ironbridge Gorge which has been recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Telford boasts of itself as "The Birthplace of Industry", because the town is close Coalbrookdale and other places in the Ironbridge Gorge site. Along with Ironbridge Gorge, these places are recognised as being vital to the emergence of the Industrial Revolution. The Iron Bridge, a popular Shropshire landmark which is now part of Telford can be also be found in Ironbridge. Made out of cast iron, The Iron Bridge was the first of its magnitude to be made in the world and is also recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site

Telford is a relatively new town in the district of Telford and Wrekin. It is also a ceremonial county of Shropshire, England. It lies about 21 km east of Shrewsbury and approximately 48 km west of Birmingham. Telford is considered to be the biggest town in Shropshire and is also economically, one of the fastest growing in England. The town was named after a famous civil engineer named Thomas Telford and was built between the 1960s and the 1970s as an entirely new town that stands on what was before a farming and industrial land. Telford Shopping Centre aptly marks the center of the town which also includes a large town park that adjacent to the main building. In 1983, the M54 motorway was constructed and completed, linking the town with the West Midlands.

Getting around the town of Windsor to see these many attractions is made easier for those who do not drive by the regular shuttle bus service that operates through the town and the numerous Drivers we have at hand. A shuttle bus company also runs a transit route to nearby Heathrow Airport on a daily basis.