Like much of the English countryside, Sussex is close to London, but feels worlds away. The small village offers plenty for potential visitors which a slew of events year round, and any of the more than 200,000 residents are perfectly friendly people. Best visited with a group of friends rather than on your own, the easiest way to reach Sussex is through hiring a minibus with a driver.

Of course, keep in mind that Sussex refers both to the city and to the region surrounding it; there is plenty to do outside the city as well as within, so don't miss it!

Places to Visit:

There are numerous things to do in Sussex. If you're going to be in the area, be sure to pay a visit to Drusilla Park – this gorgeous greenspace is home to many of the most popular festivals held in Sussex, so there's sure to be something happening when you stop by.

Another great place to check out is Hever Castle. This ancient structure was where the famed Anne Boleyn spent her childhood. Today, it's open to visitors and is a great way to become a bit more educated about day to day life in medieval England.

Beachy Head is another must-see. This hauntingly beautiful area has picked up notoriety as a popular suicide spot, but the white-chalk headlands are some of the most gorgeous landscapes you'll ever see. Watching the waves beat against the bottom of the cliffs and enjoying the isolation of the area is something that cannot be overstated; it's a good break when you're frazzled from days of constant activity.

You can't visit Sussex without checking out the Seven Sisters. These cliffs face the English channel, allowing one to sit at their edge and potentially see the coast of France on a clear day. The Sisters get their name (and count) from the seven peaks which rise along the water. A site of numerous films and storybook settings, these cliffs hold a sort of romance all their own that's hard to find elsewhere.

If you're into more artistic attractions, be sure to check out the Congress Theater. Though it's not quite as old as many of the other attractions within Sussex, this theatre offers live music, ballet, live performances, and more. They host shows rather often, so it's easy to pop in and find something that will interest you.

And finally, you can't visit Sussex without visiting the Lanes. This collection of shops found in the town of Brighton is hard to leave; with some of the best shopping to be found anywhere in the UK, the Lanes somehow combine the feeling of big-city shopping with a small town feel. With a number of small local shops with items you won't find anywhere else in the world, the Lanes are the perfect place to find souvenirs.

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