Affordable and Professional Wedding Minibus Hire

At National Minibus Hire we have everything you will need to provide top class transport for bridal party and guests alike. Our company can provide taxi, minibus and coach hire throughout the United Kingdom so, whether you are planning your big day in the highlands of Scotland or the bright lights of London, we are the company for you. 

Our Transport Options:
Whether you want your bridal party to travel in style or you are looking for a cheap and comfortable mode of transport for your wedding guests, we have the right vehicle for your needs. Choose between 8, 16, 24, 33 and 49 seater transport in a range of different models such as Ford Transit, Iveco and Renault or the luxury of an executive Mercedes. Our vehicles are of the highest standard. All our vehicles are maintained to the highest standards and cleaned daily. Your bridal party and guests can travel in safety, style and comfort without the worry of providing their own transport.

Our Fleet
8 seater minibus options: Ford (standard) and Mercedes (executive)
16 seater minibus hire (London): Ford Transit (standard) and Mercedes (executive)
24 seater mini coach: Iveco (standard)
33 seater coach: Iveco (standard) and Mercedes (executive)
49 seater coach: Iveco (standard) and Mercedes (executive)

Planning Your Journey:
Weddings can be complicated affairs. You may have multiple pick-ups planned before your wedding service begins, you have to be at a different venue for photographs at a certain time before arriving at your reception. You may be planning transport for your bridal party or for all your guests. We understand how complicated wedding plans can be, and how important it is to get your transport and timings right. We are here to work with you every step of the way. We provide 24/7 support through our online system and our phone line. You will also be given your driver's personal number prior to travel. We will do everything in our power to ensure your special day runs as smoothly as possible. 

Our Drivers:
You will be given your driver's number prior to your date of departure so that you can confirm all the details of your travel plans in advance. They will be able to help you with any additional queries you may have. Whether your journey is 5 minutes long or a trek of a few hours to get to your perfect venue, we aim to make it as enjoyable as possible. That is why we expect all our drivers to behave professionally throughout. All our drivers also undergo current DSB criminal record checks. 

The Cost:
We can provide you with a cost for your chosen vehicle within minutes through our free online instant quote system. If you prefer to ring our phone service is available 24/7 on 0203 286 5257 if you are looking for transport in South UK or 0161 408 9552 in the North. We provide ourselves in the affordability of our fleet whilst providing great quality and comfort. 

Making Changes:
At National Minibus Hire we understand that, as you get closer to your big day, plans may change. We are contactable 24/7 both online and by phone and will be happy to accomodate you in any way we can. 

How to Book:
Booking could not be easier. Either use the numbers above or use our online booking system. Our operators are more than happy to help should you have any further queries. 

Why Book with Us?
With our wide range of vehicles, competitive prices, professional drivers and 24/7 online/phone support why would you book with anyone else?