National Minibus Hire is one of the leading providers of minibus hire tours, taxi, coach as we cover every part of United Kingdom. We provide 24/7 online booking, attend to live calls and our specialists in customer care will always provide the vehicle you need at the right time you need it. We hassle for you and take less time to plan and offer booking services with quotations online for less than 60 seconds. Thus, no need of wasting time waiting for a quote from other companies, when we can make it possible for you to be on the road for as little time as half an hour from the time you contact us. 

Our main priority as  Minibus hire tours UK is safety and punctuality. With almost two decades in the industry, we have enough experience. Our vehicles are air-conditioned and modern, drivers are professionals, and we always transport our clients with comfort, care, and promptness to their destinations. We not only take the hassle to book for you, but we also make sure you travel safely. All our vehicles are equipped with GPS devices; our car drivers are based locally which means they are aware of every route thus they will take you to your destination affordably and efficiently. 

Our worth services as  Minibus t ours UK are intended to make sure you receive the best service worth your money right from booking until you reach your destination. Our online booking services are straightforward to follow with only three easy steps, and your booking is complete. Our cheap rate guarantees you the lowest charges possible. The services we offer are available 24/7, and the staffs ensure you get the services you need right on time. We cover all areas from Glasgow to Portsmouth and all the areas in between and make sure all your transportation needs are met.

Why choose us?

• Prices are cheap.
• We have 24/7 customer service.
• We offer comfort and safety.
• Unlimited variety of vehicles.
• CBR checked.
• No criminal record.
• Booking systems are fast and reliable.
• You get prices instantly.
• Free quotes.
• You get discounts any time of the year.
• The driver's number is given before the traveling date.


We have a variety of vehicles including.

Eight seater minibus ford or Mercedes: It is well equipped with GPS, entertaining system and an air conditioning to ensure you reach your destination comfortably and safely. 

16 seater minibus Mercedes and ford transit: Planning for the night out with friends? This vehicle is well designed for that. It can carry a group of forks or even transport a sports team.

24 seater Iveco and mini coach: This vehicle has the perfect size that can accommodate a school group or a small church group to any part of the nation. Compete with ergonomically designed chairs and air conditioning you won't get tired traveling in this vehicle for even a long period.

33 seater coaches come in Iveco and Mercedes: If you are looking for a cheap rental coach to go on a trip or hike with the church group or maybe with members from the local pub, this is the perfect coach for that. Our drivers are highly skilled and have experience in transporting groups for long trips professionally and safely. 

49 come on Iveco and Mercedes: For a group that has a medium size, we offer a coach with 49 seats. The coach is complete with onboard entertaining, luggage space, comfortable seats and air conditioning to make the group relaxed and comfortable on those extended trips. 

In the UK, we are the only company that offers the best affordable rates for driver services for minibus hire, coach, and online taxi. With extremely organized booking, proficient drivers and brilliant services it's the reason why our clients continue to choose us as their favorite company for any hiring services.