Want to enjoy the best transportation between your group's events? With Event transfer by National Minibus Hire, be perfectly transported with comfort and efficiency by choosing your very own minibus or coach hire!

Here are some upcoming events which you can add to your group's itinerary:

- Glastonbury, June 26-30
- Royal Ascot, June 19-23
- West End Live, June 16-17
- Wimbledon, July 2-15
- British Grand Prix, July 8
- Henley Royal Regatta, July 4-8
- V Festival Creamfields, Daresbury, Aug. 23-26
- British Golf Open, July 19-22
- Ebor Festival York, Aug. 22-25
- Notting Hill Carnival, Aug. 26-27
- The Grand National, Apr. 12-14

Check your local listings for new events and updates.

Plus, there are many wonderful vehicles available for your every need:

- 8 Seater Minibus Hire

All 8 seater options include Mercedes and Ford Minibuses which are exceptionally clean and include state-of-the-art GPS systems, luxury interiors, entertainment, air conditioning, and ergonomic seats for your comfort, all with plenty of leg room to spare! 

- 16 Seater Minibus Hire

Planning the best events of your life? Renault Master standard vehicles offer the best service, and these Mercedes or Ford Transit 16 seaters are perfect for transporting any kind of team or group between any and all events.

- 24 Seater Mini Coach - Iveco

These 24 seater mini coach options are perfect for travelling to all your events. Travel in style with a well-appointed Iveco coach. Well designed seats help to allay the fatigues of travel, even when travelling to the far reaches of the country wilderness, or zipping from event to event within the city limits.

- 33 Neater Seater Coach Hire - Mercedes and Iveco

Whether Mercedes or Iveco is your preference, this 33 seater coach hire offers the best high-quality service for any group that intended to travel effortlessly. From the time you book to the time you arrive at your destination, you will feel the power that comes from experiencing the best transfers possible.

- 49 Seater Coach Hire London - Mercedes and Iveco

This 49 seater coach hire comes with ergonomic seats and excellent air conditioning. Traveling between events becomes an event itself with superior entertainment systems to delight larger groups.

So, why choose EVENT TRANSFERS with National Minibus Hire?

- Over a decade of high-quality service in the business
- Expert drivers transport you to each of your experiences in luxury and comfort.
- Eliminate the stress of searching for the right options. Traveling in general can already be stressful. With National Minibus hire, you can be sure you are well taken care of.
- Exceptional discounts are offered throughout the year. Get a free quote within minutes!
- Throughout London, and the entire United Kingdom for that matter, you are assured that you have chosen the best supplier.
- Each driver is sourced locally to provide your group the best routes, guidance, and experience possible.
- CRB checked drivers' numbers, and criminal records check, are provided beforethe date of travel to guarantee that you are protected.

Why is National Minibus Hire the BEST?

- The best and most recent models of each vehicle type are made available to cater to your every need. 
- Your comfort and safety are ensured with the best service standards in the industry.
- World class staff are available 24/7 to assist with every need at any time with the best support you will ever experience! 

Your group's best events. Your group's best experiences. Your group's best EVENT TRANSFERS with National Minibus Hire. Book today and enjoy forever!