Minibus and Coach hire for Corporate Events

So your corporate event will finally happen. The place is set and maybe even the hotel is already chosen. But what about the transport?It can be troublesome to find taxis for the whole group, plus you can get late if there aren't enough cars available when you need. The situation can become even more stressful if you don't know the city.So what should you do? Count on a minibus or coach hire. With a private vehicle, booked especially for your group, you don't need to worry about time and how to get there. Enough of waiting, the driver will pick you up whenever your group needs. And let googling the place for the coach hire staff, you can just enjoy your trip.With a coach hire, everyone can get on time at the event, you can get better prices than paying separate taxis and have all the comfort and security that the National Minibus Hire company can offer to you.

Why is National Minibus Hire the best choice for your business event?

Is your corporate team big? Great! Our coach company works with a wide range of vehicles, ready to pick everyone up:

  1. 8 seater minibus (Mercedes and Ford)
  2. 16 seater minibus (Mercedes and Ford)
  3. 24 seater mini coach (Iveco)
  4. 33 seater coach hire (Mercedes and Iveco)
  5. 49 seater coach hire (Mercedes and Iveco)

But you might be wondering if our drivers are really good. And yes, they follow proper guidelines to make sure you have a satisfying experience. All of the drivers are DBS (called CRB previously) checked, which means that they have no criminal records.And if you're someone who values getting on time at your appointments, we are known to be very punctual with the pickup time.Our staff is ready to help you 24 hours every day. So you can certainly count on us, at any time!Besides that, we know that a trip can be tiring and that's why our vehicles have comfortable seats and all the space you need for your luggage. And while you're at the event, you can rest assured that our driver will take care of your luggage, keeping it safe.Want more? We can also offer discounts e free quotes for your group. Sounds like a good idea, don't you think?

Get a free quote now!

When organizing a corporate event, you need a coach company whose services can fit your budget. So you'll probably make your research before booking a minibus or coach hire.In order to help you assess the best option, we offer two ways for you to get a free quote right now.You can get free quotes by calling us anytime and any day:

  • For north UK residents, our contact number is 0161 408 9552.
  • For south UK residents, our contact number is 0203 286 5257.

Or you can use our National Minibus Hire website to get instant prices within minutes. For both cases, calling or booking online, we have some tips of the information we may ask you so that we can find the service that best suits your needs:

  • your location
  • your destination
  • journey type: one way or return way
  • event type: business trips, airport transfer, festival or other
  • date and time of pick up
  • number of passengers
  • type of suitcases to keep your luggage: small, medium, large

We are eager to make your transport the most comfortable and convenient. So get in touch with us right now!