RNSMT Festival Minibus Hire!

TRNSMT is a festival that is adored by many. It is a music festival that takes place in Glasgow, Scotland, usually in late June or early July. The first TRNSMT festival took place in 2017, so it isn’t that old. But that doesn’t mean that it isn’t famous as the organizers of the first festival revealed that over the course of three days, a staggering 120,000 people attended. On top of that, in December 2017, at the UK Festival Awards, TRNSMT was awarded ‘Best New Festival.’ 

This year it is expected to take place from Friday, 12th of July, to Sunday, 14th of July at Glasgow Green, Glasgow, G1 5DB, Scotland. So far no acts have been announced, but you should keep an eye out as they will be announcing the line-up soon. That means you have 25 weeks to prepare for it. Regarding that, you have bad news and good news. The bad news is that you will need a transport service to bring you to the festival, and then back to your accommodation. Not everyone has the means of transport, and there are people who live pretty far from where the festival is supposed to take place. The good news? TRNSMT festival minibus hire is available at your service. 

Here, you would be asking ‘Why should we choose your company and not the dozen others that offer the same services?’ Well, we have a number of reasons why. Our service is a reliable service with drivers that offer support 24 hours a day. The phone number of the driver who will be taking you to the festival will be given to you before the date of travel. You will be given the choice of choosing a vehicle that you like. The vehicles will be absolutely safe and comfortable, and the CBR and criminal records of the drivers will be checked. The drivers will be professional, and you will recognize them from their uniform especially tailored for them. Our drivers are punctual when it comes to timing, and they will assist you in other ways such as helping with your luggage. You can check the price of our services within minutes and should you choose to accept our services; you will be able book them pronto. On top of that, TRNSMT Festival Minibus Hire offers great discounts all year long. In short, if you are looking for a hassle-free service with affordable price and a great experience, then you should go for TRNSMT Festival Minibus Hire. 

Minibus hire service with driver 

Following are the models of cars and the number of passengers that can be seated in them: 

  • Ford Galaxy: 8 seater vehicle that can fit within 5 to 7 numbers of passengers
  • Ford Transit: 12 seater vehicle that is comfortable and will take you to your desired place. Able to fit within 12 to 16 number of passengers
  • Luxury Mercedes: This vehicle can be executively hired and is often used for business and other events. 

Book your coach: 

Apart from small vehicles, we also offer mini coaches for a greater amount of people: 

• 24 seater mini coach 
• 33 seater coach 
• 49 seater coach (This vehicle comes in luxury and standard) 
• 72 seater coach 

Why our minibus hire prices are the best? 

Other companies increase the prices of their service during such times, but we don’t like to do that as it would be unfair to the customers.