Traveling with National Minibus Hire with driver on a Budget

Traveling in London on a budget involves a lot of good planning since there is so much to see and do there. Some of the world’s most famous landmarks are frequently visited by millions of tourists yearly, and finding transportation is essential if travelling in a group. As an alternative to public transportation and car rentals, hiring a London coach is becoming a more popular option among travel enthusiasts.

Must-Sees in the City by London Coach hire with driver

• Buckingham Palace – Formerly known as Buckingham House, the London residence and administrative office of the British monarchy was built in 1703 for the Duke of Buckingham. The palace was first built as a large townhouse and had gradually grown into the massive 79-foot high building that spans over 830,000 square feet of floor space. Home to 775 rooms (with 240 bedrooms), the Queen’s home is not only known for its lush landscapes and elaborate décor, but one of the city’s biggest events, the Changing of the Guard. The Palace Guardsmen, noted for their precision and staunchness, conduct ceremonies between the Palace, St. James Palace, and Wellington Barracks on select dates and times throughout the year.

• Big Ben – Located at the north end of the Palace of Westminster and overlooking the English Channel is the Great Bell, more commonly known as Big Ben. Erected in 1859, it is housed with the Elizabeth Tower and stands approximately 315 feet in height. The fully-functioning clock has an iron frame that is 23 feet in diameter, a base of over 300 pieces of opal glass, a 9-foot hour hand, and a14-foot minute hand. Hourly tolls are produced by a large bell accompanied by four quarter bells which play a chime melody known as the Westminster Quarter every 15 minutes. As far as the name Big Ben is concerned, a debate ensues regarding its namesake as either Sir Benjamin Hall (1st Baron of Llanover, 1802-1867) or Benjamin Caunt (Heavyweight Boxing Champion, 1815-1861).

• British Parliament – The parliament of the United Kingdom is the supreme legislative entity comprised of the House of Lords (the Upper House) and the House of Commons (The Lower House) located at the Palace of Westminster and is composed of 1454 seats, headed by the Sovereign of the UK (British monarchy). In 1707, the first Parliament of Great Britain was created after a treaty was ratified by the then-parliament bodies of England and Scotland. Currently, a parliamentary term lasts for five (5) years and start after elections on the first Thursday in May.

• Piccadilly Circus – This world-renowned attraction is unusual in its own right, a simple roundabout designed in 1819 to connect Regent street (a major shopping street) with Piccadilly (the main thoroughfare). The term ‘circus’ is a Latin derivative of the word ‘circle’, but the landmark is mostly noted for its modern technological beauty. Uniquely-designed neon signs and video displays are mounted on the north-corner building and the Shaftesbury fountain. the Circus is also home to the London Pavilion and the Criterion Theatre, with the Piccadilly Station running underneath as part of the city’s underground rail system.

A Minibus hire with Driver 

Nowadays, it is not necessary for only a large group to travel in the city as a means of obtaining national minibus hrie with driver service. The following is a list of the coaches available for hire:

1. Standard Minibus – Sixteen (16) seat minibuses are available for small groups at rates suitable for any budget.

2. Executive/Luxury Minibus – These minibuses also seat 16, but have executive-style amenities to include (but not limited to) large leather seats, mood lighting, mini-fridges, mini-bars, and panoramic views.

3. Standard/Executive Coaches – Size is based on seating capacity, which ranges from 29 to 72 passengers. Additional amenities are often included with coach company service like closed-circuit TVs, DVD/Blu-Ray players, PA systems, and much more.

What’s Happening in London? 

London has a bevy of events to accommodate tourists of varying interests. For the remainder of 2017 and the first half of 2018, the following crowd-drawing events are planned in the city:

• IAAF World Championships (Aug 4-13, 2017)

• Totally Thames (Sept. 1-30,2017)

• BFI London Film Festival (Oct. 4-15,2017)

• New Year’s Eve Fireworks/New Year’s Day Parade (Dec. 31,2017-Jan. 1,2018)

• Chinese New Year (Feb. 2018 – dates TBA)

• St. Patrick’s Day (March 17,2018)

• Easter Weekend (Mar. 30-Apr. 2,2018)

• London Marathon (Apr. 22,2018)

• Trooping the Colour (the Queen’s birthday on Jun 9,2018)

For a list of London coach companies to suit both novice and seasoned travelers, visit Britain for transportation to fit your budget.