North Harrow Minibus with Driver

North Harrow Minibus is part of the national minibus hire firm and we can provide a streamlined cheap minibus and cheap coach hire service across all parts of North Harrow and also West Harrow. These will be available in 8, 12, 14, 16, 24, 33, 36 and 49 seater capacities. North Harrow comes under the HA1 post code area.

North Harrow is an area based in the Borough of Harrow and it is located in Borough of Harrow. It is closely linked to Belmont, Greenhill and Little Stanmore. It is also close to the Harrow town centre and has a diverse population. It is mainly residential with goo transport links.

North Harrow Minibus Company has an operations team that will help you find the right quote by carrying out a balanced search. They will provide you with a quote within 15 minutes and you can also book online which should take around 60 seconds.

North Harrow Minibus Hire also has a telephone team who will deal with all enquiries as well as be the first point of contact. They will confirm that all details are correct, deal with trip organisers and also confirm postcodes.

Our two main services come under the headings North Harrow Minibus Hire and also North Harrow Coach Hire. The best service will depend on your needs and these could include facilities, convenience, price and luggage requirements.

HA1 Minibus will cover all bookings and events and these will include taxi sharing, night clubs, day trips and business meetings.