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On the relaxing banks of the River Mersey sits the elegant town of Birkenhead, England. Birkenhead Minibus is the leading pleasure travel operation for the large expanse. Operating and maintaining a huge amount of Executive Coach Hire and Standard Minibus as well as specialty vehicles contributes to the countless benefits brought to our large clientele volume.

Our advantages are many and one of the biggest positive features is our ability to travel throughout the Birkenhead arena of Postcodes CH1 – CH8, CH25 – CH34, CH41 – CH49, CH60 – CH66, Ch70, CH88 and CH99. The Birkenhead Minibus Company attributes our abilities to the awesome number of cheap Minibus and Coach Hire options we generate. While affording clients our reasonable rates, our variety ranges from a Minibus in Birkenhead Standard seating from eight to 24 individuals to extensively large Coach Hire Executive seating from 33 to 49 people.

Our attention toward every detail never includes outrageous rates. Birkenhead Minibus offers corporate jaunts and personal trips of all levels including arrangements for our Executive Taxi resources as well as our spectacular line of Mercedes Ford Transit. Our group abilities guarantee all numbers of individuals enjoy a spacious ride when reserving our Coach Hire fleet. Assortments of pleasurable attributes are available for adding to your phenomenal holiday journey as the Birkenhead Minibus Company has affordable positive items including exciting music or video players, upholstery choices, vehicle intercom, privacy additions and a range of GPS features. For a complete listing of these styles, services, and fleet descriptions make a quick visit to our website.

The Birkenhead seaport region represents the United Kingdom’s premium point for master shipbuilding. The ride on-board a Birkenhead Minibus Hire includes visits to mirrored lakes, expansive parks and thriving waterfront piers, harbors and dock scenery.

Art enthusiasts discover every genre as Birkenhead houses several galleries and exhibits along with performing arts venues. Also housed within the region, visitors take part in many leisure avenues including superb walking and cycling clubs along with a stellar nightlife of music and dining.