Minibus with Driver in Battle East Sussex

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Situated in a southeast distance of 49 miles from London’s center, visitors discover the historic town of Battle, England. Distinctive places such as the enormously beautiful Sussex Weald sets the traveling scenery with views of vast woodlands, sloping valleys, rolling green hills, lakes and streams. Situated in the heart of the stunning region is the Battle East Sussex Minibus Company.

We provide everything needed for abundant large and small group travel. We show affordable rates through all cheap Minibus and Coach Hire features. A day spent in pristine countryside begins with Battle Minibus Hire. Eight to 24 guests have access toward optimal seating expansiveness for a relaxing road trip. The Battle East Sussex Minibus service also specializes in large group consideration. The extensive Coach Hire fleet offers 33 to 49 visitors massive interior room when journeying to a Battle, East Sussex adventure day.

We leave no advantage out when it comes to ultimate convenience and flexible transportation concepts aboard a Minibus in Battle. The specialized services afforded clients of the Battle East Minibus Company enjoy our flexible Self-Drive program. For those wanting to experience the day completely unaccompanied by chauffeur guidance, our Self-Drive option provides the final addition. GPS Tracking and System Navigation selected from our affordable amenity choices add an avenue for proper Self-Drive directional information.

Within the East Sussex, Postcodes of TN1 through TN40 are an entire collection of holiday experiences waiting for discovery. Visitors to the area see such historic landmarks as Telham Hill, which served as an important lookout. At this locale, William the Conqueror’s army witnessed the English army formations during the Battle of Hastings. Majestic castles and Abbeys, medieval battle reenactments and carnivals offer a fun-filled day for enjoying.