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situated in the middle of the Peak District in the South Pennines, the Clwydian Range in the Welsh mountains on the Cheshire Plaint, Knutsford is an extremely popular place to visit for a good meal. The picturesque town possesses the most restuarnts per square mile of anywhere outside the city of London. Knutsford was named the most expensive town in northern England where one could purchase a house in 2005. Home prices range from around eighty-five thousand Euro all the way to about two million Euro. In fact, Knutsford's landscape is so pastoral and serene that many a visitor will take a shuttle bus, a 8, 12, 14, or 16 seater minibus, or 24, 33, 49, 53 seater coach hire to get a good tour of the area.

nutsford hosts many popular sporting exhibitions, such as teams including: cricket, rugby union, hockey,,, Snooker, Netball, tennis, squash and, of course, the much-valued sport of football, which is rightly called soccer in America. Other events include May Day festivities, The RHS Flower show that is held at Tatton Park, and the Cheshire County Show in the neighboring parish of Tabley. The annual May Day celebration includes one of the largest fun fairs in the entire United Kingdom and the crowning of the May Queen.

Knutsford's close proximity to Manchester has given it a great reputation as an attractive commuter town for the wealthy business men and women who work in the neighboring metropolis. With its has easy access to the M6 and M56 motorways, a taxi service can easily be employed to go back and forth between Knutsford and its neighbors without incurring a large toll. There is also a rich culture of public transportation within the city proper. Tourists can easily hire a minibus to get around the area. If they are looking for something a little different, it is very easy to hire an elegant coach with minimal effort.

The name Knutsford is widely-believed to mean neat's ford, which is actually a combination of words that means it is a crossing place for cattle. Knutsford was the location of George S. Patton's infamous speech that was so criticized for the anti-Soviet sentiment that people perceived that it almost got him fired.