Why Hire Our Minibus For The Shambala Festival?

Northampton will host the Shambala Festival from August 22-25, 2019, and it will be a few days of people reveling in the music and culture that blends east and west. The festival is a wonderful place for people to come to hang out with their friends, but they need a way to get to the festival. At National Minibus Hire, there is a minibus that will suit you and your friends/family. Look at all the options that are available when you seek out a minibus hire Shambala Festival option. 

1. What Does National Minibus Hire Promise You? 

The reliable drivers who bring the minibus to and from the festival site are available 24 hours a day, and the driver leaves their number with you before they head off to help someone else. You can always get in touch with the driver, and you could be picked up at literally any time. 

2. Safe Drivers 

All drivers are certified safe, and they have had their criminal backgrounds checked before they get behind the wheel. This helps you know that you are your friends will be safe in the bus, and it is even more helpful if you are sending your child and their friends to the festival. 

3. Booking And Assistance 

Booking is done quickly online, and you are given as much assistance as you need when you get on the minibus. The minibus hire Shambala Festival driver will help you load the bus, and they will help you unload when you have gotten to the festival site. There are many vehicles available, and you could choose something that fits everyone in your group comfortably. 

4. The Vehicles 

8 seater buses are only 5-7 years old, and they come in a Ford Galaxy model which has enough power to get you where you need to go while also helping you remain comfortable. 
12 seater buses are Ford Transit-style, and they give you several rows of seats so that everyone can file in for the drive out to the festival site. 
14 seater buses are also Ford Transit vans, and they offer the extra row of seats in the back that you need to fit in more people/luggage. 
16 seater vans are extra long, and they help you add more luggage to the vehicle when you realize that you could not possibly fit everything in a smaller vehicle. 
16 seater vehicles are the Mercedes Sprinter, and they are designed in the executive style that works well for adults traveling to the festival. 

Book Your Large Coach 

24 seat mini coaches are much like a small buss 
33 seat coaches are a bit larger but still ahve the same corporate style and feel. 
49 seat coaches are much like a standard bus 
72 seat coaches are extended buses that come with the most amenities and most room. 

5. Fair Pricing 

The prices are by far the best in the industry because prices have been dropped on every bus in the fleet. National Minibus will give you a favorable rate when you fill up the bus, and there is only a small charge for mileage. You are given more value for your money, and the driver stays with you the whole time. There are very few drivers in the industry who will stay with your group the whole time or arrive at your whim.