A Minibus Hire For The Secret Garden Party

You might have planned to go out to Abbots Ripton for the Secret Garden Party, and you should find a minibus from National Minibus Hire to bring you up near Huntingdon. The National Minibus Hire team has everything that you need, and they can get you in and out of the festival with no trouble. Look at what these buses are like, how they are offered, and how they are priced. so book your minibuses or coach hire with us for   The Secret Garden party 

1. Comfort 

The buses are very comfortable, and they are all designed to keep you happy for long periods of time. The idea behind these minibusses is to help you relax with your friends in your own seat, pack your luggage away easily, and ride to the festival without any delays. The drivers are very nice, and you get all the assistance you need loading your luggage, unloading your luggage, and helping the disabled on and off the bus. 

2. Safe Drivers And Easy Reservations 

The reservation system is online, and you can sign up for any bus at any time. You are given a driver who has been through the criminal background process, and they give you their phone number before the trip starts. The driver is always available to you 24 hours a day, and they will drive in late at night to pick you up if that is what you need. You could have the driver drop you off at different locations during the day, and you could be taken home at the very end of the festival so that you do not miss anything. 

You are never left to wait for the driver, and you could even give your driver an itinerary that they will follow during the day. Trust your driver with your trip, and you will be much more relaxed because you are not in control of the trip. The driver does everything for you, and they will communicate with you any time they have questions or concerns about your trip. 

3. The Vehicles 

National Minibus Hire has many vehicles to choose from. You need to look carefully at the minibus hire Secret Garden Party options that you have so that you find the bus that is large enough for you. Do not just count the number of people. Make room for luggage on your trip. 

8 seater minibus are Ford Galaxy vans, and they have enough room for you to lean back and relax. 
12 seater minibuses hire are Ford Transit, and they all give you the extra bit of room you need in the back. 
14 seater minibus hire are also the Transit vans, but they are a little bit longer so that they can fit extra seats. 
16 seater minibus hire vans are much longer, and they offer you the extra storage space with a full row of seats in the back that you might need. 
Executive buses with 16 seats are made to look like executive coaches/minibuses to hire . 

24 seater mini coach are executive buses in the Sprinter style. 
33 seater coach hire larger sprinters, and they were made to give you the classy trip you want. 
49 seater buses/coach hire is like a standard transit bus with the extra amenities. 
72 seater buses/coach hire are massive coaches that remind you of what a rock star travels in. 

Prices for your minibus hire Secret Garden Party ride are very low because the company wants everyone to come to their favorite events without spending too much money. You can pay together so that each person in your group only pays a little, and you are given a driver who will be with you every second of the day until the SGP is over.