Kent has long been described as the Garden of England. Patchwork farms, lush orchards, and fairy tale country estates combine to make this majestic county seem like something straight out of a movie. There's so much to see in Kent that it's easy to get lost or slightly overwhelmed. Do yourself a favor and explore this gorgeous countryside with the help of a Manchester minibus hire.

Reasons to Choose a Minibus Hire:

If you're from out of the country, navigating the intricate roads of Kent can be confusing. The last thing you want to do on your long awaited trip is to get lost in the midst of orchards and fields filled with sheep. Skip the taxi cabs and the public transportation and instead get yourself a cheap minibus hire to do all of the navigating and transporting for you. Forget having to learn to drive on the opposite side of the road; relax instead in a clean and comfortable minibus that seats up to 24 people. If your group is particularly large--say you're traveling with a school or church group--the company even offers coaches that will accommodate 53 people!

Every vehicle is driven by a courteous and knowledgeable professional driver that will take you exactly where you need to go and know the best way to take you. Do you want the shortest route back to the airport? No problem! Are you hankering for the scenic tour on the way to your next stop? Your driver will know the best way to take you so you can drink in the lovely English countryside sights.

Kent Attractions and Sights:

Hever Castle and Gardens:

Your visit just won't be complete without visiting a thirteenth century castle. What's so special about this castle? Along with its romantic ambiance that conjure images of long ago royalty, this castle was once home to Ann Boleyn. A stunning Italian garden, a shimmering lake, and a lush topiary gently whisper "THIS is pure England" in your ear as you bask in the quiet. If you have kids in your party, the Water Maze on Sixteen Acre Island and the Yew Maze provide lots of fun for everyone involved. Enjoy the scenic country roads with your minibus hire Manchester to and from the castle grounds.

The Historic Dockyard Chatham:

This dockyard is one of England's best places to learn about Britain's extensive maritime history. It is also the most complete collection of ships and paraphernalia from the Age of Sail. Tickets are good for a year so if you can't see everything in one day, you can come back as often as you want to see everything the dockyard has to offer. The eighty acres house a Victorian Naval Sloop, a Cold War Submarine, and a WWII Destroyer ship. Explore these ships and step into the new digital theatre to learn about Chatham's role in World War I.

<>Port Lympne Reserve:

Don't let the idea of finding your way through an unfamiliar city daunt you. Transportation will be the last of your worries when you decide to use a Manchester minibus hire to tote you around Kent. Professional drivers and friendly staff will make your visit as easy and stress free as possible.