Glastonbury Festival coach hire 33 49 53 seater coach hire 

Glastonbury Festival is a 5-day festival of contemporary performing arts. The event is held near Pilton in Somerset, England. Besides contemporary music, Glastonbury Festival hosts cabaret, circus, theatre, comedy, dance and other arts. Leading rock and pop artists have featured, alongside hundreds of thousands of others performing in smaller performance areas and stages. you can book with national minibus hire for 33 seaters,49 seaters and 53 seater coach hire to and from the festival from any given city or town 

Albums and films recorded at Glastonbury have also been released. The festival receives extensive newspaper and television coverage. Glastonbury is the world's largest greenfield festival, and it's now attended by about 175,000 people, which requires extensive infrastructure regarding electricity, water, transport and security supply. Most of the staff are volunteers who help the festival in raising millions of pounds for meant for charity organisations.

The festival is considered as one of the major events in British culture, and it's inspired by the free festival movements, counterculture as well as the ethos of the hippie. It retains traces of these traditions like the Green Fields area. The Green Fields area includes sections called Healing Fields and Green Futures. 

After the seventies, the festival was held almost annually and grew in size. Michael Eavis hosted the first-ever festival, then known as Pilton Festival after he saw Led Zeppelin concert that took place on an open air at the Bath Festival of Blues & Progressive Music in 1970.

From 1970 to 1981, Glastonbury Festival was held at irregular intervals. Since then, the festival has been held annually, except for "fallow years", which are usually taken at five-year intervals, meant to give the organisers, local population and the land a break. This year (2018) is also a fallow year; the next Glastonbury Festival will take place from 26-30 June 2019.

Since 1981, Michael Eavis, who is a site owner and local farmer, has been organising the festival (through his company called Glastonbury Festivals Ltd). He ran the festival together with his spouse Jean until she died in 1999. Eavis now co-organises the festival with Emily Eavis, his daughter.

Since 2002, the Festival Republic, which is a company that consists both MCD and Live Nation, has taken on the role of managing the security and logistics of the event through a 40 percent stake in the event management company.

Every year, a company, which is jointly owned by the Festival Republic and Glastonbury Festivals Ltd, is formed to run the festival. The profits go to the parent companies.

The sound systems on the festival's site have a power of 650,000 watts in total and the main stage has 250 speakers. The event is powered by Aggreko; they provide more than 27 megawatts (MW) of power to the festival's site. 250 bio-diesel generators operate on 60,000 litres of WVO (waste vegetable oil) fuel. looking to experience the best festival coach hire experience with 33 to 49 and 53 seater coaches hire  then book with us today