Fairport's Cropredy Convention Minibus

Fairport's Cropredy Convention in Banbury will be August 8 through August 10. This is your opportunity to see performances by fourteen or more popular acts. They include Fairport Convention, and The Waterboys, along with Caravan, and Daphne's Flight as well as others. Wildwood Kin, a female trio and Tide Lines, a four-piece band from Scotland are more of the intriguing attractions. 

Details for concert goers are as usual. Purchasing tickets for the days of the concert you will be attending is of course first on your list of things to do. Coordinate with friends to make it a fun excursion as well. Sleeping arrangements, meals, and other prime necessities need to be worked out. 

Concert-goers who like to camp may do so right on site. If you are in a group, you must come in to select your sites together, as they cannot be saved. Travelling together is a must. 

It would be an excellent idea to take a rented minibus so that your party can arrive together. Then you would have no problem with finding spaces to camp together. 
National Minibus Hire has just the size ride you may need. It is the perfect solution for parties ranging in size from 8 passengers to a coach load of seventy-two. 

Why should you rent a minibus or coach from us? 

The advantages of going together in a rented minibus are many. First off there will be a driver who is certified to safely drive the vehicle. All of your party can then relax and enjoy the ride. 
Secondly, your uniformed driver will make sure you have a good time and arrive relaxed and ready for all the concert activities. The drivers are professional and have passed background checks and training courses for safety and service. Drivers will help you load and unload your gear and provide assistance leaving the vehicle. Book your driver in advance and receive contact information and numbers to secure your ride. Your party will have 24-hour service and support from National Minibus Hire and their professional drivers.
Make your reservations soon online or by phone. Receive personalized quotes and choose your vehicle for the festival. 

There are several options from which to choose. 

Vehicles in our fleet are no more than five to seven years old. Our smallest ride will accommodate 8 passengers. These minibuses are Ford Galaxy models. Larger parties of 12 to 16 will find that the Ford Transit vehicles are spacious and comfortable. For a more formal or business event our company offers 16 passenger Mercedes models. 

For larger parties book a coach. 

A party of twenty-four requires a mini coach for their ride. It is a standard, comfortable vehicle. So is the coach that can comfortably seat 33 passengers. Larger parties can book standard or luxury coaches for 49 to 72 people. 

Why do we have the best prices and service? 

Our company has a customer care team that is superb. They will offer you the most competitive rates in the business. This service team will listen to your personal needs and details and match your needs to our availability. We guarantee our prices to be the lowest in the industry. Make the most of your trip to Fairport's Cropredy Festival and allow National Minibus Hire to get your group there safely and on time.