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Ely Minibus Hire

Ely Minibus Hire provides 6-7-8 -12 -14 -16 and -23-seaterminibus or mini coaches to all locations in Ely and surrounding locations. Youcan count on us for transport whether you are traveling to this location forbusiness or pleasure.

Each vehicle that is hired from our companyprovides passengers with plenty of leg room and luggage space. Moreover, allminibuses we own are thoroughly inspected and cleaned on a regular basis. Weonly send out our newest fleet as well.

Ely is home to the Ely Cathedral, which isoften referred to as one of the Seven Wonders of the Middle Ages. It isunofficially considered a city of virtue, as it is the seat of a diocese. Itsits on the beautifully-landscaped Palace Green land.

Ely is located on the River Great Ouse.This was a significant port until the 18th century. After that, thisarea (the Fens) was drained and is now not anisland.

Popular events have been known to takeplace here. For instance, Ely is home to Boat Race, an annual event. It takesplace on the River Great Ouse.

Ken Wallis, Autogiro is on of the personsfrom Ely. He is a world record holder. Another person from this area is SirClive Woodward, who is a champion rugby union player. He was the Rugby WorldCup 2003. Guy Pearce, an actor, was also born in this location. He later leftto Australia.

A busy local marketplace is located in Ely.French products are one of the biggest sellers at this local outdoor shoppingcentre. Festivities such as the Eel Day Parade travel down Fore Hill.

Ely offers higher education as well. Forinstance, The prestigious University of Cambridge is locatedhere.

Ely is home to several teams. One of themis the Ely City F.C. football club. This team joined the Eastern CountiesFootball League in the late 1880s, and they are currently a part of the EasternCounties Football League.

Highways Motel Style B & B, 19 Chiefs Street,Cathedral House, The Lamb Hotel, and Spinney Abbey are some of the finestaccommodations offered in Ely. We can transport you to all of these places.

Other hotels and inns located in the areainclude Nyton Hotel, Greenways, Riverside Inn, and Anchor Inn. Bed andBreakfast is another recommended place to stay.

Ely Minibus Hire is available 24 hoursa day 7 days a week. You can call upon us at any hour.