Dorking Minibus Hire 

 Moving around using minibus hire Dorking services is an experience in itself, especially when traveling as a group. The journey gives you an opportunity to create lasting memories and brings you together as a group. You can create these and more by using reliable minibus company Dorking services.

Dorking isn't such a big town, but what it offers is unique. The main town has 3 trading streets: High street, West Street, and South Street. All these streets offer something unique in terms of merchandise and shopping experience. 

So, the question is, how can you enjoy what Dorking has to offer?

Dorking Minibus Hire

At times, you don’t have to rely on tour guides and your own instincts to find out about a place, and that is what we want to prove to you as a minibus company. We would like you to allow us to take you around Dorking in comfort and luxury, using our minibuses and coach hire Dorking services.

The location of Dorking is an advantage in itself. For one, the equidistant hills that scout the town provide the right settings for country walks, hiking and mountain biking. We understand the places where you can enjoy these activities and will drive the group there and later pick you up when you have had your fun. This option is only available when you select the minibus hire with driver package, otherwise you will have to drive yourself to and from the place.

We provide you a minibus in Dorking with enough storage to hold various items. This is ideal for your personal luggage and any shopping.

All-in-One Entertainment

When it comes to entertaining locals and visitors alike, Dorking Halls Complex has everything you need. It was originally a cinema and theatre hall but of late, a state-of-the-art leisure centre has also taken centre stage. Here, you can take swimming lessons or go for a nice swim at the just-finished swimming halls complex.

However, you need reliable transport to drop you at the complex and pick you up when you are finished. Since the complex has various activities, you can move as a group so that each person goes to a different section. At the end of the day, you can travel to your respective residences in the same minibus or coach. We provide cheap minibus Dorking services for you.

Attend Sport Events

The people of Dorking love sports. This is why you find several sports clubs in the town. The Dorking FC at Meadowback and Dorking Wanderers FC at the Dorking Wanderers Stadium cater for your needs as a soccer enthusiast. If you are a rugby fan, then you can head to Pixham Sports ground and watch Dorking rugby FC take on one of their opponents.

Our minibus hire Dorking services help you get to the venue safely, on time and in style. Next time you plan to go and watch a game; hire a minibus so that you can split costs between your friends. This is cheaper than hiring taxis.

How Many People Can Each Vehicle Hold?

When you seek transport services as a group, you can pick between a minibus and a coach. The minibus holds 8, 12, 16 and 24 passengers at any time while a coach holds 33, 36, 49 and 53 passengers. This means that the size of your group dictates what you have to pick. Always choose a vehicle that provides enough space and comfort for everyone. 

Are You New in Dorking?

Let’s say you have just landed at the airport and you need to travel to Dorking as a group, yet you don’t know anyone or where to start. Who will pick you up? Who will show you the town? Opting for taxis means you have to use 3 or more vehicles for you to move and carry your luggage. This is expensive and inconvenient.

We have a solution for you. You can use a single vehicle to and from the airport and travel in comfort and safety. Our vehicles are cozy and well maintained to give you the best traveling experience. Our drivers are well-trained to give you professional support and make sure you reach your destination safe.