Cobham is a quaint village that sits a short distance to the southwest of London in the Surrey area. A cheap minibus Cobham will provide visitors to the city the chance to explore it at a leisurely pace. This village can trace its roots back to the invasion of the Romans and the Iron Age.

In the 20th century, this small community became a hive of activity for the motoring and aviation industries. During World War II, it served as the center of airplane manufacturing after a bombing of the Vickers-Armstrong aircraft factory destroyed it. Today, this little village is made up of mostly family homes with the accompanying restaurants, bars and retail stores to support a small local population.

Visitors and locals to this small community can enjoy a variety of festivals in the area surrounding the village. A minibus company Cobham can help people get to these festivals without wasting hours in traffic or hunting for a parking space. At the end of July, the Glorious Georges Family Festival at Hampton Court Palace allows people to dress up in Georgian fashions, play games, learn a little court etiquette and picnic with the former kings of England

Another great summer festival in the area is Much Ado About Nothing. This festival is dedicated to that famous barb, William Shakespeare. A local drama groups puts on this famous play in the park to the amazement and delight of the audience.

This small village offers a variety of activities and historical sites for locals and tourists visiting the area. Some of these things are a little off the beaten track, so a minibus hire with will help tourists explore the village of Cobham. Painshill Park is a stunning example of an 18th century English landscape park and the perfect place for a picnic on a sunny afternoon.

While visiting the park, visitors enjoy seeing the amphitheatre and the crystal grotto. Brooklands Museum offers visitors and locals a peek into the town’s rich aviation and motoring history. This museum houses 30 airplanes and a restored motoring village. There is a picnic area for a lunchtime treat and some fresh air.

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