York Racecourse is the crown jewel of York, a historic walled city in North Yorkshire, England. The racecourse is one of the leading ones in the UK, and it draws some of the best horses and jockeys. The lawns are manicured, the facilities are award-winning, and the course ensures a good time at the races, whether you intend to bet on the horses or just enjoy the scenery and majesty of a beautiful place to be. When you take a minibus hire to the York races, especially during a prestigious meet, you might want to plan ahead and hire a coach or minibus to get around town efficiently.

When taking a minibus to the York races, you might want to take some time to explore a city that has been a center of political, cultural, social, and sporting activity for millenia. York has been in existence since AD 71, having been founded by Romans. It got its start as a wool-trading center and later was a travel hub and a place that sold a good bit of confectionery.

York has both man-made and natural scenery. It's based at the confluence of two rivers in the Vale of York. Nature is preserved through the maintenance of several grassy areas in the city. A coach hire to the York races lets you experience the natural beauty of both track and city. The buildings of York range from the historical to the modern. As a government center, York has some beautiful parliamentary buildings.

There is never a dearth of things to do, either. York has now established itself as a viable tourism center, meaning that there are areas geared to travelers and also to locals. A coach hire to the York races or a minibus to the York races is your ticket to a great tourism experience, too.

A couple of unique places to visit in York after taking a minibus hire to the York races are the Snickelways in central York and the Shambles. The Snickelways are narrow paths designed for pedestrians. They lead to where there once were markets in the center of the city and are a great place for the historically-inclined to go. The Shambles is a street built in medieval times. It's a good place to go if you like boutique shops and tea rooms.

York is replete with both churches and pubs. Like much of the United Kingdom, York has many highly historic churches. If you are an avid worshiper or a tourist interested in religion from a cultural standpoint, these are good places to visit. Pubs preserve the community of Old Europe and are a good place for camaraderie. When you take a minibus to the York races, take some time to visit the city. You'll be amazed and rewarded.