Wetherby is a name that has become synonymous with racing and luxurious hospitality. Since its inception, the racing fixtures and events that it proudly hosts set the gold standard for horse racing in the United Kingdom. The courses here have received numerous awards over the years, most recently claiming Small Racecourse of the Year in the Northern Region.

They maintain over 33 tracks that draw in viewers by the bus load. Each spectator making their way to the tracks rely on the minibus hire to Weatherby races provides that works closely with the event planners. These services make every visit a pleasure, allowing guests to explore every track while still make their event on time.

The accommodations at Weatherby are extensive. In addition to racing, people from the U.K. area count on the professional staff for a variety of conference functions that include private parties and corporate gatherings. There are annual antique fairs, car boot sales, and a large variety of live musical events that take place throughout the year.

The beautiful surroundings of Bramham Hall and the out-lying gardens create a welcoming and beautiful setting. A minibus hire to Weatherby races also comes in handy when getting guests from their locale to the site of their booking. These services can also be reserved together, making all of your planning as simple as possible.

The National Hunt Race has recently re-entered the stage, providing the ideal opportunity for people to discover the magic at the track. A coach hire to Weatherby races will deliver you to the front step of the action where the buzz of racing excitement can enliven your senses. The renown events and convenience of the minibus hire Weatherby racecourse wonderfully compliment the world-class amenities at the disposal of racing fans.

The accommodations for dining, sleeping, and viewing race-day events offer spectacular views from a modern, refined atmosphere. The quarters present panoramic views of the most popular courses in addition to breath-taking looks out over the Yorkshire Countryside. Visitors return again and again to take advantage of the private suites and to dine at the famed White Rose Restaurant. Since 1891, Weatherby has been a leading name in sporting events and luxury retreats. From the famous annual fixtures to the top-notch coach hire Weatherby racecourse has that deliver you to all of the action, there are few other destinations that can offer such a premier racing experience.