Minibus hire to Towcester Races

to Towcester races for families and individuals are right here. Minibus drivers know the quickest way to the course and can find the fastest routes to bypass traffic at peak hours of the day. The result with coach hire Towcester racecourse is that people can get to the racecourse in a timely manner to enjoy the festivities as well as the event.

If a group of people from a business or community need transportation to get to a Towcester Racecourse event, a minibus can be hired to fill that need. A minibus hire Towcester racecourse and coach hire to Towcester races can bring people to and from a select racing event or other occasion to the racecourse in good time. The seating on each vehicle is quite comfortable and is easy to get in and out of. There is select seating for individuals with special needs and lifts that alleviate any potential problems. Each person is treated with dignity, respect and kindness.

The town of Towcester has a history that goes back before the Pax Romana. In recent times, it has been suggested that settlements dating to the Iron Age have been found. The fact of the matter is that Saxons came to the area and was later settled by the Normans. Over the years, Towcester was connected to London by means of roads and railways. Today, the town continues to grow as people move to the area.

There are terrific races that are available through the fall, winter and spring months that feature some of the top thoroughbreds in the surrounding area and can be the perfect time to minibus hire Towcester racecourse. Besides this, people can coach hire to Towcester races. Popular racing days include November 13, 2013 and February 14, 2014. Besides this, some days have a premier meeting such as April 20, 2014, which is a family fun day that celebrates Easter Sunday.

A coach hire Towcester racecourse brings the community to racing events or other venues such as a wedding or conferences. Each staff member is nice and thoughtful in providing customer service. Members seek to get customers to where they need to be while making sure that people get to their location on time. Finally, there is a minibus transfer service that is available for people who need to transfer minibuses. Minibus hire to Towcester races is a great way to go.