For those heading to the race course events in Salisbury in 2013, 2014, they are in for an adventure, with our minibus and coach hire service to the racecourse at the ready to take you there. As one of Britain's most popular destinations, Salisbury is steeped in history as well as mystery. Visitors come from near and far to view its main attractions.

The star, above and beyond all else, would have to be Stonehenge. This mesmerizing circle of standing stones has captured the imagination of countless travelers for hundreds of years. Built in prehistoric times, it still holds many secrets that have yet to be revealed. As historians and archaeologists ponder its purpose, tourists and residents of today simply enjoy paying a visit to the site.

After taking advantage of our minibus and coach hire service to the racecourse, enjoy delving further into history by venturing to Old Sarum, the site of Salisbury's earliest settlement. Walk the grounds that have revealed artifacts dating back to 3000 BC.

The Salisbury and South Wiltshire Museum can provide more valuable information about the area. Marvel at the beautiful architecture of the Salisbury Cathedral and Wilton House. Mompresson House dates back to the 1700's and is part of the National Trust. Phillips House, a neo-Grecian country estate from the 1800's is an impressive find as well

The Salisbury Racecourse means flat course racing with the thoroughbreds from May to October each year, offering visitors the opportunity for an exciting day out. Experience the thrill of hooves pounding out a rhythm like thunder as these beautiful animals show amazing bursts of speed in a sport that has become tradition. Our minibus and coach hire service to the racecourse is provided by a national minibus hire.

You'll have access to transportation about town, to the events, and for any further exploration during the visit. Expect only the best in quality, making time keeping simple when our service is on the job. Each passenger is a top priority, ensuring that everyone gets to the desired location with plenty of time to spare. After spending the day at a racecourse event, our minibus transfer service is available as well to accommodate all of the needs of visitors. Enjoy a lift in style to hotels, local eateries, and area attractions. Our minibus and coach service ensures no worries during a visit to Salisbury. Take a holiday with us!