Coach Hire to Pontefract Racecourse

The historic British town of Pontefract draws visitors from all over the world, but many of those visitors find themselves confused by the road system. With tiny roads that twist and wind across the countryside, it's easy to find yourself lost on the road. We want you to worry less about how to get to the top attractions and focus more on what the town has to offer.

The town itself dates back to the early 1000s, and it has a number of connections to medieval times. It now boasts a number of buildings that date back to ancient times, but it also has a wide range of modern events and attractions. Scheduling a coach hire to Pontefract races helps you see the best of this sleepy little community.

Pontefract Castle is one of the biggest tourist attractions in the town. During medieval times, this was the site of a King's death, and it also served as a major meeting place during the English Civil War.

Though the castle itself is now in ruins, many people enjoy wandering through the manicured and landscaped greens. Visitors also love stopping by the Kinsley Greyhound Stadium, and we offer coach hire Pontefract racecourse packages. If you ever wanted to see a real live dog race, now is your chance. Voted as one of the top dog racing stadiums in the country, it offers a number of races every week.

Even more visitors come for the Pontefract Races, and you can easily rent a minibus hire to Pontefract races at this track. Jockeys come from locations across the country and around the world for these races, and the track itself is nice and flat. No matter where you sit in the stands, you have a clear view of the track and the finish line.

The main problem that tourists and locals have is with the available parking. Not only does the track have a lack of parking, but parking there can also be costly and confusing. When you use our minibus and coach hire services, you can skip the long lines in the parking lot and get right into your seat.

We have customers that call us for Minibus hire to Pontefract races year after year and season after season because they know that we offer the best services. Our quality services will help you get to the location of your choosing, and all of our drivers are friendly and professional.

We ensure that you get to the track on time and before the starting of the next race, and our minibus hire Pontefract racecourse package will help you have the time of your life. You'll also love our transfer service, which lets you pick up a bus or coach from one location and transfer rides to get to your last stop. Call us to schedule one of our coach hire Pontefract racecourse packages when you want to see the best of Pontefract, including the top tourist attractions and best races, without worrying about traffic.