There are many reasons why Perth could be included on summer holiday and travel itineraries; the sites and attractions of the area make this Scottish jewel a rare find that appeals to all members of the family. The close proximity to train, rail, and road provide easy access to districts including Scone Palace Park. This central location also makes it feasible to consider a coach hire to Perth races while visiting and perusing the sights of the region.

When visiting Perth, one must make time to play a round at one of the fantastic golf courses that this area is known for. The Blairgowrie Golf club is lauded as having one of Scotland's best nine-hole courses. There are events and championships regularly played at this location, which is home to a unique and sought-after par 32 course. The Murrayshall Golf course is only five minutes from the Race course, which makes it ideal for those visiting who don't want to be bothered with renting a car or leasing autos while visiting. With regular minibus hire to Perthraces, there is surely accommodations to the Murrayshall for a quick nine before heading for the track!

For the members of the traveling troupe that do not care for golf, there are numerous attractions within close range of the race course- and that could be on the route of any minibus hire to Perth races. Scone Palace has all of the intrigue and mystique of a grand old castle, and the history is rich and alluring. The shops, antiques, and art promise a captivating visit for many and the site is wondrous when the gardens are in full-bloom during racing season.

Consider also visiting any of the nearby galleries and art studios of the region. When engaging those driving the coach hire Perth ,racecourse and find out what local artisans are offering exhibits or shows in the area. The Perth Museum and Gallery, as well as offerings from the Birnham Arts Council will quell any urge for culture and beauty that visitors may experience during their stay.

When conjuring up images of Scotland, the castle does come to mind again and again. The unique facade and illustrious history of Blair Castle make it a must when travelling in the Perth region. Tours are offered daily, providing guests with guided walks through the thirty rooms of the structure and a first-hand peek at all of the goodies and treasures contained at this fascinating locale. For those brave-of-heart visitors, the attic tours may give a glimpse into the past at previous generations and the items hidden away. Lush gardens and varied art collections are also highlights found here.

Perhaps the most compelling reason to visit this quaint yet comfortable region of Scotland is the Perth racecourse. With a long event season that stretches from April to late September, there is ample opportunity for prospective visitors to plan a trip and arrange accommodations, dining preferences, and perhaps a minibus hire Perth racecourse. Even a camera can't capture the sights, sounds, and thrill of this pulsating recreation, and any Perth travellers will report this racecourse as a highlight of their journey.