Newbury is a lovely old English town in Berkshire, situated along the banks of the von Canal and River Kennet. It's known for such grand sights as Shaw House, restored in 2007 as one of the largest Elizabethan houses in the region. Nearby sits Highclere Castle, the grandest mansion in Hampshire and Earls of Camavon's country home. Newbury also features great shopping and lively cafes with the Corn Exchange providing a vast assortment of entertainment venues. The Vue Cinema is popular along with the Parkway, adding open street development and shopping to downtown.

All that aside, Newbury is best known for Newbury Racecourse, one of the most picturesque race courses in the UK and the world. The course operates year-round offering a variety of exclusive and contemporary venues with which to enjoy quality racing. For all the great ambiance, facilities and racing action, nothing happens unless you can get to and from the racecourse safely and efficiently.

Minibus service must be on time and on point. Air-conditioned standard or luxury buses can handle parties of 8, 16, even 32 on minibuses with plenty of space for bags and picnic baskets. All vans are air conditioned. The 8, 16 and 32-seaters each have room for 20-plus cases and 10-plus hand luggage pieces. Minibuses have state-of-the-art GPS tracking systems allowing dispatchers to be efficient and customers to view the fleet location real-time. Intelligent dispatching allows customers to get the best routes to the racecourse.

Drivers constantly are in touch with the office at all times so can be directed to a convenient pickup point. They set the industry standard for prompt, honest, reliable service. This is enhanced by strict adherence to driver certifications including constant retraining. Drivers also have medical go-ahead for service and are checked by the Criminal Records Bureau. Minibuses undergo regular inspections to ensure a safe and pleasant riding experience.

Customers come first with our minibus service. We maintain the top level of professional service including rides to airports and the other Newbury venues. We work with customers to plan and create the right route and schedule. Everything from organized tours and travel groups to transfer service or group taxis are custom-fitted to customer needs. After all, customers are the lifeblood of our service. Our company believes in forthright, happy, positive thinking, which translates into getting you to the racecourse all day every day for the Newbury meet.