Whether you want to bet the races, enjoy the majesty of racehorses, or something else, taking a minibus to Market Rasen can help you make the most of your travel. The scenic Market Rasen is located right on the River Rase in Lincolnshire, making it one of the more scenic places you can go to see the races. A national minibus hire can get you anywhere in the UK, but Market Rasen is a place that merits a visit.

Market Rasen is home to a National Hunt Racecourse that hosts the prestigious Summer Plate Meet and some of the most valuable and coveted races in the National Hunt circuit. A coach hire to Market Rasen can get you to races and more.

Market Rasen, as the name suggests, is a market town. On virtually any day, you can find something for sale. Markets are held on Tuesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. Some markets, like many of the Tuesday ones, are in the form of auctions of household and other goods and produce, and there are also monthly farmers' markets. A coach hire to Market Rasen can get you to any of these markets.

There are many historic and beautiful buildings in Market Rasen, too. It's home to the St. Thomas's Church, a stone, medieval building with a bell tower. Its town center is mostly red brick, and a lot of its architecture is Georgian and Victorian. Minibus hire in Market Rasen allows you to enjoy architecture, whether you're dropped off or just passing through.

Enthusiasts of older architecture won't be disappointed. Much of Market Rasen exudes history - a visit to this town, with both older architecture and the largely bygone market lifestyle, can be a refreshing step out of your day-to-day life. You can have fresh food, too.

Market Rasen also is home to the De Aston School, founded in 1863. This secondary school is a point of interest if you're visiting and want to get a feel for local life in Market Rasen. There are many other schools in the area, too, and a minibus hire to Market Rasen easily allows you to visit them.

Another interesting point is that Market Rasen was one of the areas affected by the 2008 Lincolnshire Earthquake, the largest recorded earthquake in the UK since 1984. It measured 5.2 on the Richter scale.

A good place to visit within Market Rasen is the history-rich Market Rasen Railway Station. It still functions as an active station, though it was created in 1848 by the Great Grimsby and Sheffield Junction Railway. There is usually a train every two hours, making it a good place to go if you want to travel more in the area around Market Rasen. Minibus hire to Market Rasen can get you to the station and therefore farther into new territory.

A minibus hire to Market Rasen means you can enjoy a morning cup of coffee or tea over the local paper, too - The Market Rasen Mail was founded in 1856 and is still the main paper in Market Rasen.

Whether you just want to take a quick venture into town via national minibus hire between days in a race meet or take significant time to absorb what Market Rasen has to offer, you will find something meaningful here. Exploring Market Rasen allows you to experience fresh foods, artisan goods, and the river-crossed scenery of an established township. When you take the time to visit, you can see historic architecture and steep yourself in the tradition that has sustained Market Rasen for centuries.