The Kempton Park Experience

London is home to some of the greatest horse races in the world. Travelers from across Europe come to experience the excitement and culture that surrounds these thrilling events. Kempton Park is the premier home of the Jockey Club in the area that is only 18 miles outside of downtown London. They have been proudly hosting races since 1878.

Unlike many courses, this establishment holds races year-round, offering people a chance to enjoy this time-honored sporting event any time they wish. The highlight of their racing calender is the William Hill Winter Festival. At this time of year, the Grade One King George VI Chase takes place. This event is rooted in history, offering something for every family member.

Because these events are so popular and each offers visitors so much to experience, the Minibus hire to Kempton Park races plays an important role. They provide friendly and reliable transport to the events from surrounding areas and designated parking.

Using a coach hire to Kempton Park races, visitors are able to explore all of the happenings that are associated with each festival and soak in the sights that are offered with themed races or events where owners and trainers are featured. Attempting to cover so much ground and absorb all of your surroundings without this valuable service is just not possible.

A minibus hire Kempton Park racecourse offers is the ideal method for seeing the highly-anticipated events scheduled in 2013-14. The Sirenia Stakes, Twilight Races, and internationally-recognized musical performances have people anxiously planning their trips already.

The hospitality services that are offered through the Jockey Club are also second to none. The restaurants, cafes, and bars feature panoramic views of the racing tracks, and multiple venues are available for reservation in order to host both private social or large corporate events.

The sleeping accommodations are on par with five-star hotels, and your experience at the track can be as elegant as you please. Private boxes with a dedicated wait service give you an unforgettable racing experience. While it is possible to buy tickets for individual events, many are exploring the multiple package options that include the costs of transportation services.

The coach hire Kempton Park racecourse provides always keeps strict timetables and accommodate transfers throughout the Kempton Park area. The level of quality service that you would expect from at a world-class sporting event is always delivered right on time.