Whether you're on your way to Goodwood for the motor circuit, horse racing, golf, or simply to take a pleasant holiday, our minibus and coach hire service will get you where you need to go. We make you are top priority, ensuring you will arrive at your destination. You can expect excellent timekeeping as well with our minibus transfer service. Rest assured that our minibus and coach hire will provide you with quality service that is reliable. There will be no worries when you arrive in Goodwood.

Goodwood is situated on the Sussex Downs in a lovely region of the country. Be sure to take advantage of our minibus and coach hire service to tour the locale. Visit the Goodwood House, an architectural marvel that dates back to the 1600's. The West Dean Gardens is another favorite destination. Make room on your itinerary to explore the tranquil grounds and admire the beauty of the gardens.

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Boasting of being home to Glorious Goodwood, the world's most beautiful racecourse, you'll want to make sure you visit at a time of year when the horses hit the track. Racing begins in May and has its grand finale in October, with the Glorious Goodwood event running from late July to early August each year.

You can count on our minibus and coach hire service to transport you to the race course, back to your lodging, and round about town.

You could also find yourself on your way to the Goodwood Motor Circuit for the Festival of Speed every July and the Goodwood Revival each September. Regardless of what brings you to Goodwood, whether you have a need for speed or want to slow life down for a while, you will find it in Goodwood and our top notch minibus and coach hire service is at the ready.

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