Known for the annual running of the Welsh National, a grade three National Hunt race which it has hosted since 1949, Chepstow also features numerous other events throughout the year. One highlight is the BIG Family Fun Day, which offers diversions for the whole family to enjoy while you take in the excitement of the track, including bouncy castles, live music performances, pony rides, the unparalleled "Panic Circus," and much more.

The Jump Legends Day, featuring a £100,000 purse for its seven races, can be counted upon for wild race action, as can the Christmas Party Raceday, which makes for a perfect outing with family, friends, or the office. National Minibus Hire supplies easy transportation to and from these and many more spectacular events at Chepstow Racecourse from all over the UK.

Aside from the racecourse, Chepstow offers visitors a chance to visit the popular Chepstow Castle -- the oldest post-Roman fortification in the UK! The castle overlooks the picturesque River Wye, and is a must-see for history buffs and every visitor interested in seeing the remarkable countryside. Consider using minibus hire Cheapstow racecourse or coach hire Chepstow to the other exciting features near the races.

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