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Although the West Yorkshire region holds phenomenal outdoor attractions, equally impressive are the community shops, restaurants and unique facilities. Booking a Castleford Minibus Hire excursion carries you to thrilling indoor locales such as the ever-popular Xscape Leisure Complex, the largest man-made snow slope within the United Kingdom. Large groups planning an enthusiastic indoor skiing and snowboarding adventure can ride within Coach Hire comfort for 33 to 49 fellow snow enthusiasts or Castleford Minibus comfort for eight to 24 riders.

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Within easy traveling distance, sit many pleasurable galleries, an assortment of museums of history and locale knowledge as well as various buildings displaying an array of architectural designs. The world-renowned historic registered locale of Pontefract Castle represents many centuries of important occurrences. This breathtaking establishment exemplifies the many similar sights and places in and around the town of Castleford, England. No one ever becomes bored when visiting the awesome West Yorkshire region.