The large village of Bromborough, located in Merseyside, England welcomes guests to the regions of the Wirral Peninsula. Exceptional volumes of leisure and exciting activities include an array of stunning geographical landscapes, charming village arenas and significant historic resources.

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The Merseyside region offers exciting attractions for any age and preference. Places such as the enormous Croft Retail & Leisure Park hold a plethora of tourist attractions

Large or small groups arranging a day-trip through Bromborough Minibus Company enjoy the many leisure features within the expansive complex including cinema houses, bingo halls and several specialty gift shops. While participating in Bromborough Minibus Hire splendor for 8 to 24 people, the destination visions include renowned monuments.

The Ancient Cross of St. Barnabas, situated at the ancient Church of the same name is a regular riding destination through the resource of our Minibus in Merseyside. A group of adventures easily arranges 33 to 49--seat accomplishment when traveling through the means of our Executive Coach Hire.

A pleasant journey culminates an exciting day roaming the Active Adventures Park, where participating in zip-line rides, rope courses and simulated parachute jumps satiates the most demanding thrill seekers. At a more leisurely pace, our Bromborough Minibus facility offers cheap Minibus and Coach Hire deals for our specialty vehicles of Mercedes or Ford Transits.

The easy transportation of this specialty line adds to the ride when heading to Victorian Sudley house. Guests roam the numerous rooms, grand estate grounds and art and exhibit galleries of this historic registered Manor structure. The thrilling excitement flows through the Postcode regions of CH1 through CH66, providing plenty of destinations serviced through our facility.

Merseyside has the ultimate interest for any guest visiting the area. Children and adults alike delight in the multi-acreage farm-maze attractions while Festival Garden tours reflect the landscaped colorful masterpieces. The multitude of village pubs, restaurants and walking/touring programs enhances the leisure adventure during your group escape.