Within the historic region of South Yorkshire, England, visitors enjoy the town of Brierley. The quaint village offers a wonderful relaxing retreat for ultimate holiday enjoyment including tourism highlights of amazing ancient structures such as the magnificence of St. Peter’s Church and a menagerie of outstanding castles.

Taking a Brierley Minibus Hire with driver service to your getaway destination includes the most fascinating landmarks, fun participation activities and leisure jaunts. Our chauffeurs offer a wealth of infrastructure and motorway layouts while utilizing the best routes for traveling.

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The phenomenal region of South Yorkshire, England displays many establishments for visitors to discover. Riding aboard a Brierley Minibus suite for 8 to 24 people includes destinations of your choosing. The popular Brierley Forest Park encloses 250 acres of conservation areas, wildlife exhibits and woodland walking trails for exploring.

Our large spacious Coach Hire seating 33 to 49 people provide the ultimate transportation resource for many people enjoying the experience together. The Postcodes of S1 through S81 represent the delivery area serviced by our Brierley Minibus Company.

Within these ranges, sit stunning manor homes of Stock Park Mansion, Lindley House and Brierley Hall. When not touring the many stately historic houses, Brierley presents excellent cycling tours covering the finest of landscaped areas. After riding in complete Brierley Minibus Hire comfort, visitors choose from an array of hiking and biking clubs as well as historical guided tours.

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Famous landmarks such as the Battle of Mortimer’s Cross as well as the many prestigious War Memorials fill the historic areas. The beautiful Burford House Gardens and Queenswood Country Park promise outdoor splendor while abbeys, castles and vineyards present magnificent horizon decoration.